How To Respond To Criticism

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How To Respond To Criticism
How To Respond To Criticism

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Every person has been criticized at least once in his life. Justified or unjustified, but the fact is obvious - in order to calmly live to a ripe old age, you need to learn how to correctly perceive criticism and reasonably respond to it. What is required for this?

How to respond to criticism
How to respond to criticism


Step 1

Ask questions. This type of reaction is suitable for unfounded criticism. Clarify what exactly the person who has unleashed a torrent of curses at you means. Ask him to express, if possible, all complaints against you; find out what exactly you did so terrible to him. In this case, the hot-tempered critic is lost because he expects a completely different reaction from you. Asking questions helps a person to stop obeying emotions and become more rational. This way, you can move on to constructive dialogue.

Step 2

Don't ignore. In this case, silence is far from golden. Firstly, you accumulate negative emotions in yourself, which can then splash out on your loved ones. Secondly, such tactics of non-resistance often annoy the instigator of the conflict even more, so it is ineffective to apply it in practice.

Step 3

Do not give in to provocations and do not make excuses. People don't like to listen to excuses. And if you make excuses, then you admit your guilt (which may not be) and humiliate yourself. It is better to preserve your dignity by convincingly and politely proving your position.

Step 4

Only accept the part of the criticism you agree with, and ignore the rest. Forget about using the word "no" in conflict, because it is a detonator of even more conflict. By agreeing with your opponent, you will demonstrate self-confidence and reassure the other person.

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