How To Use Consecrated Oil

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How To Use Consecrated Oil
How To Use Consecrated Oil

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How to use consecrated oil?

Everyone knows that oil (Oil) is an integral attribute of Christian worship and the life of any Christian. But not everyone knows that, for example, icon lamp and oil consecrated on the relics of the Saints are not quite the same thing. Although, if lamp oil is purchased in a church shop, then it is also consecrated.

How to use consecrated oil
How to use consecrated oil


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Lamp oil or wood oil, as the name implies, is used in oil lamps. And the oil that was used in the sacrament of the Blessing of Oil is not allowed to be used in lamps, and even more so to pour it out or mix it with other liquids. Such oil can be used like holy water, with the difference that it cannot be sprinkled on premises. Oil should also be used by anointing the human body for healing from diseases. But you should always remember that it is not the oil that heals, but God according to the faith of the one praying. If a person is healthy, then after the morning prayer, you can anoint the area of ​​the heart and forehead with oil crosswise.

Step 2

There is oil consecrated on the relics of the saints of God and on their icons. Such oil is a reminder of the shrine in front of which a person prayed. This oil can be applied to the human body or sore spots. The prayer should be read to the saint on whose relics or icon it is consecrated, or you can read the prayer Our Father … or turn to the Most Holy Theotokos. If a person does not know any prayers, it is not forbidden to pray in his own words, it is important that the prayer is performed with diligence and of course with faith.

Step 3

The oil is stored in a special container sold in shops at the Temples or in a clean bottle, in a place suitable for a shrine. Cannot be stored together with items that are not related to church paraphernalia. For example: together with cosmetics, in the home medicine cabinet. The proper place for the oil, next to the icons. The oil does not need to be placed in the refrigerator; if stored properly, the oil retains its freshness and transparency for a long time.

Step 4

Never buy oil outside of church shops and stores. Regardless of how it is called and what its origin is. is considered consecrated only after the sacrament of the Blessing of the Oil, consecration on the relics, etc. have been performed on him. To the uninitiated, only lamp oil is allowed to be used. As a rule, the oil should not be thrown away. If the lamp oil has become unusable, it is better to pour it into running water.

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