How To Avoid A Crime Situation

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How To Avoid A Crime Situation
How To Avoid A Crime Situation

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A crime situation is a situation that can lead to the commission of a crime or to an attempt to commit it. In relation to a specific person, this means that we are talking about the circumstances when he can become a victim of a crime. Of course, it is simply unthinkable to foresee all possible dangers. Nevertheless, with the observance of relatively simple rules, many criminal situations can be successfully avoided.

How to avoid a crime situation
How to avoid a crime situation


Step 1

It often happens that the victim literally provokes the offender with his frivolous behavior. For example: a person returns home at a late hour. Natural prudence requires taking a route through busy, well-lit streets. But no: trying to save time, he “cuts off” the path, turning onto the road leading through a park, a vacant lot or a construction site. And there he was attacked by hooligans or robbers. The natural question is: who needs such "savings"?

Step 2

Behave modestly, that is, your behavior should correspond to the situation. For example, a woman went to a party dressed in a miniskirt and a blouse with a plunging neckline, and even with a defiantly bright makeup. There, "accepting" too much, she began to openly flirt with unfamiliar men. As a result, the next morning she files a rape complaint. Of course, this is her own business, what to wear, what cosmetics to use and even how to behave. But in that case, should one be surprised that she was mistaken for a lady of a very definite profession and, accordingly, got along? If she both looked and behaved more modestly, this would certainly not have happened!

Step 3

Try not to tell friends or acquaintances about important things you have planned. Be careful and vigilant. For example, when planning to sell an apartment, retired spouses, according to the well-known old man's habit, told all their friends and acquaintances about it. Who is the buyer, what is the amount. The result is extremely sad: a raid on the apartment immediately after the transaction. And there is no more money, and it is not clear where to live. And all because one of the friends or acquaintances also dismissed the tongue without any malicious intent. The information reached the criminals. But it was only necessary to keep silent about the upcoming deal and keep the money received not at home under the mattress, but in a safe deposit box, and problems could have been avoided.

Step 4

Observe elementary caution and you will not attract a crime situation.

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