How To Fill In The Characteristic

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How To Fill In The Characteristic
How To Fill In The Characteristic

Video: How To Fill In The Characteristic

Video: How To Fill In The Characteristic
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A characteristic from the place of work, containing an assessment of labor activity, may be required to be submitted to the traffic police or to the military registration and enlistment office, it is required for obtaining foreign visas or for some official purposes. This document is drawn up during certification and serves as the basis for raising a person up the career ladder. For submission to third-party organizations, the characteristic from the place of work is filled in by an employee of the personnel department, for office needs - by the immediate supervisor.

How to fill in the characteristic
How to fill in the characteristic


Step 1

You can fill in the characteristic for official use on a regular sheet of standard A4 writing paper, but for the characteristic that must be provided upon an external request, you need to use the company letterhead.

Step 2

The text should be titled "Characteristics" and in the first lines indicate the surname, name and patronymic of the person, but whom it was composed. Indicate the date of his birth, the educational institution he completed, the date of his graduation and the position he holds in this enterprise.

Step 3

In the characteristic, it is necessary to reflect the period from which the employee works in the organization, indicate the main stages of his labor activity, participation in trainings and refresher courses.

Step 4

Reflect in the characteristic the main job responsibilities of the employee and his professional qualities that characterize him as an employee: work experience, literacy, conscientiousness, the ability to work with literature and primary sources, master new knowledge, hard work and perseverance.

Step 5

In addition to those qualities that help the employee to perform his duties well, indicate those that are inherent in him as a member of the team: benevolence, willingness to help, non-conflict.

Step 6

In conclusion, give a general assessment of the employee's performance, if necessary, reflect the possibilities for his further career growth. In the last paragraph, write why and to which organization this characteristic is provided.

Step 7

The characteristic is usually signed by the general director or his deputy, the head of the personnel department and the immediate supervisor of the employee. After they put down their signatures, it is necessary to affix the signing dates under them. The characteristic for external organizations can be certified by a seal.

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