How To Complete Registration

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How To Complete Registration
How To Complete Registration

Video: How To Complete Registration

Video: How To Complete Registration
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Nowadays, many citizens are engaged in business. For the official registration of a private business, it is necessary to prepare a number of documents. The main one is an application for state registration of an entrepreneur. The application consists of three sheets, as well as annexes A-H.

How to complete registration
How to complete registration


Step 1

Complete the first sheet on the application form. In it, indicate the name of the registering authority and the code of the local tax office. Find out what is the organizational and legal form of your company. Or it is a limited liability company, or an individual enterprise, or something else.

Step 2

Enter the full name of the enterprise in Russian, then you can fill in the same item in the language of the peoples of the Russian Federation or in a foreign language.

Step 3

Mark with the icon the place of state registration of the enterprise, the address of the current executive body, an additional body or a person who has the right to work on behalf of a legal entity without providing a power of attorney. Write the name of the body, write down its address.

Step 4

Indicate the phone number of your company with the area code. Be sure to indicate how many founders the legal entity has.

Step 5

Next, indicate who is the founder of the enterprise. You will need to select one of the items provided by a legal entity, an individual, the Russian Federation, a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, a municipal entity, owners of investment shares of a mutual investment fund. Now fill in the details of the founder in the special attachment to the application.

Step 6

Fill in the information about the authorized capital and mark the corresponding item with the icon. Indicate the amount of the authorized capital in rubles.

Step 7

Type in Appendix D of your application form the information on the register of the shareholder of the joint stock company. This is a mandatory item for filling in for those organizations that belong to OJSC or CJSC.

Step 8

Appendix G requires you to provide a report on the managing organization. It should be filled out only if the powers of the executive body of the enterprise were transferred by agreement to another commercial firm.

Step 9

Next, indicate the number of persons who have the right to resolve issues on behalf of a legal entity without a power of attorney. Enter information about them in Appendix E of your application.

Step 10

Information about the manager - an individual entrepreneur, enter in sheet H of the registration application, provide official information about the individual entrepreneur performing the functions of a manager.

Step 11

Indicate the number of divisions of the legal entity. Do you have branches (data should be in Appendix I), representative offices (data in Appendix K). Indicate the number of farms, if on the basis of their property you create a production association or business partnership (data in Appendix K).

Step 12

Indicate how many types of economic activity you plan to engage in (data in Appendix M). In Appendix H, enter information about the applicant, fill out two pages yourself, and the third - at the notary.

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