How Tall Are The Participants Of Comedy Wumen

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How Tall Are The Participants Of Comedy Wumen
How Tall Are The Participants Of Comedy Wumen

Video: How Tall Are The Participants Of Comedy Wumen

Video: How Tall Are The Participants Of Comedy Wumen
Video: Мария Кравченко - Почему закрыли Comedy woman? Объявление победителей конкурсов / Денис Ковальский 2023, June

Comedy Vumen is a popular humorous show on TNT. The show consists of 10 permanent participants. Each of them has its own screen image. The girls, very different in appearance, are united by an undoubted acting talent and a sense of humor.

How tall are the participants of Comedy Wumen
How tall are the participants of Comedy Wumen


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The tallest participant in the show is Ekaterina Varnava, her height is 181 cm. Most often, she appears in the form of a glamorous metropolitan young lady. It is Catherine who gets the outfits with the narrowest corsets, the shortest skirts and the deepest neckline. Barnabas successfully combines the duties of an actress as a choreographer in Comedy Wumen.

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If the participants of "Comedy Vumen" were lined up according to their height as in a physical education lesson, then Polina Sibagatullina and Ekaterina Skulkina would stand next to Ekaterina Varnova. The growth of these two actresses is the same - 174 cm. At the same time, Polina's weight barely reaches 50 kg, while Catherine's weight until recently exceeded 90 kg. However, in the summer of 2014, Skulkina posted her new photos in a very short skirt. Judging by the pictures, she managed to lose more than 20 kg.

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Nadezhda Sysoeva, or simply Nadya, has grown to 170 cm. Her image in the show is a beautiful blonde who does not shine with intelligence. In life, Nadia is a more versatile person than her on-screen characters. She is engaged in fashion design and mastering DJing. Natalia Medvedeva is of the same height, who gets the roles of the most reckless and extravagant heroines.

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The growth of the main vocalist of the show, Nadezhda Angarskaya, is 168 cm. The voiced native of Yakutia agreed to become a member of Comedy Vumen only after the second personal invitation of Natalya Andreevna. Nadezhda was very afraid of moving to Moscow. But now she feels like a resident of the capital, she lost 35 kg and met her love.

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Slightly lower than Angarskaya Tatyana Morozova, her height is 167 cm. Tatyana played in the Higher League of KVN as part of the "Persons of the Ural Nationality" team. Her heroines are often stupid, naive and sincere in the manifestation of their feelings. Marina Fedunkiv is the same height - 167 cm. Marina is the newest member of the show. She became popular after the role of Kolyan's mother in the TV series "Real Boys".

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Maria Kravchenko is one of the smallest participants in the show, her height is 153 cm. Initially, she played the roles of specific girls who live according to concepts. Now the range of her roles has expanded significantly. Maria loves shopping. Her fetish is shoes, she cannot imagine her life without stilettos.

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The smallest of the participants is the author of the idea and producer of the show Natalya Andreevna Yeprikyan. She humorously refers to her short stature and fragile figure. "Elite one and a half meters" - this is how Natalya Andreevna jokingly calls herself. Her height is 152 cm.

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