Elena Baturina: Personal Life And Career

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Elena Baturina: Personal Life And Career
Elena Baturina: Personal Life And Career

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The wife of the ex-mayor of the capital, Yuri Luzhkov, is one of the most influential and richest women in the world. It was not her parents who helped her to get a fortune, but only her own hard work and talent.

Elena Baturina: personal life and career
Elena Baturina: personal life and career


Elena Nikolaevna Baturina was born into an ordinary poor Moscow family. Father and mother have worked all their lives at the Fraser plant; he is the foreman of the shop, she is at the machine. The date of birth of Elena Nikolaevna coincided with the celebration of International Women's Day - March 8, 1963. This happened 7 years after the birth of the eldest child - the son of Victor; in the future he also became an entrepreneur.

Elena Nikolaevna grew up as a sickly child and was able to show her love for sports only at an older age. She is still engaged in alpine skiing, horse riding, golf and tennis, and also knows how to handle a rifle.

After graduating from the same school that her brother attended, she followed him into the evening department of the Institute of Management named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze. She did not succeed in enrolling in the daytime, but according to Soviet standards, in this case, she needed to get a job. And in 1980, Elena Nikolaevna went to the plant where her mother and father worked, becoming a design technician.

In 1982, she left Fraser, to the displeasure of her superiors and with a decrease in salary, already being a senior design engineer in the department of chief technologist. Later she became an employee of the Institute for Economic Problems of the National Economy Development of the capital, received the post of head of the secretary department of the Union of United Cooperators. And in 1986 he graduated from the university. It was the position of a researcher at the Institute that became a key step in the further fate of Baturina.

Acquaintance with Luzhkov

Having come to power after Chernenko, Mikhail Gorbachev decided to carry out reforms in order to bring the USSR out of a deep crisis. In particular, several resolutions were adopted that allowed private entrepreneurship in the country. The "Commission for Individual Labor and Cooperative Activities" became the new body that was supposed to control the new type of activity.

Deputy Chairman of the Moscow City Executive Committee Yuri Luzhkov was appointed chairman of the commission, and a two-person working group was created on the basis of the Institute for Economic Problems of the Development of the National Economy of the capital, which included Elena Baturina. In the summer of 1987, Elena Nikolaevna and Yuri Luzhkov met at a meeting of the commission.

At the time of his acquaintance with Baturina, Luzhkov was married and had two children. In 1989, his first wife Marina dies of liver cancer, leaving Luzhkov as a widower. There is almost no information about the origin and development of the novel, which led to the wedding in 1991. The rare statements of the spouses shed little light on this part of their biography. It is also known that they had two girls in their marriage: Elena (1992) and Olga (1994).


Working in the commission on cooperatives, Elena Nikolaevna was as much involved as possible in the very thick of the movement that was beginning to emerge. She had an idea of ​​all the details, nuances and rules, she was familiar with all the first legal entrepreneurs. And therefore, Baturina's first project was a joint family cooperative, established in partnership with her brother. They specialized in the creation, implementation and promotion of software and hardware in all areas of activity.

In 1991, together with her brother Victor, Elena Nikolaevna created the Inteko company. Initially, it was engaged in the production of polymer products, but later new types of activities were added that were gaining more and more popularity: construction, commercial real estate, investments in shares of state-owned enterprises. The company provided financial support to various sports, educational, cultural and charitable projects.

Since 2005the gradual disintegration of Inteko begins. In 2006, Viktor Baturin left the company, then Elena Nikolaevna, remaining only a co-founder.

Elena Baturina today

After the resignation of Yuri Luzhkov from the post of mayor of Moscow, Elena Nikolaevna, and with her daughters, students of Moscow State University, moved to the capital of the United Kingdom, where they continued their studies. Later, the Baturina family moved to Austria, where representatives of the Swarovski family became their neighbors.

Now Elena Nikolaevna is engaged in the hotel business, construction of real estate, owns a development center; Together with her husband, they are engaged in horse breeding, finance charitable organizations. In 2011, they donated to the Tsaritsino Museum-Reserve, produced at the Imperial Factory, porcelain from her personal collection. She also created the BE OPEN youth project, which allows young people to realize themselves in science, art, architecture.

Elena Baturina collects art, classic cars and photographs. Elena Nikolaevna considers her most successful purchase to be a private jet, which allows her to move as quickly as possible between her enterprises in different parts of the world.

The eldest daughter of Luzhkov and Baturina Elena lives and works in Slovakia. She set up a perfume and cosmetics company. The youngest Olga received her bachelor's and master's degrees in hospitality and opened her own bar, the main difference of which was the availability of herbal drinks.

In 2016, Elena Baturina and Yuri Luzhkov got married. At that time, they had been married for 25 years.

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