God Nisanov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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God Nisanov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
God Nisanov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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God Nisanov is the leader in the rating of the "Kings of Russian Real Estate", the most successful rentier in the country, who managed to find the most profitable assets that bring stable profits. In addition, he is a restaurateur, owner of several hotel complexes and other business areas. And what is known about his biography and personal life?

God Nisanov: biography, creativity, career, personal life
God Nisanov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

God Semenovich Nisanov differs from other Russian businessmen in that he devotes a lot of time and effort not only to increasing his income, but also to the development of socially significant objects. He is rather closed to the press and the common people, rarely gives interviews. Journalists can only think out the facts about his biography and personal life.


Year of Nisanov - Mountain Jew. He was born into a family of Tats, in the Azerbaijani village of Krasnaya Sloboda. Besides him, his parents had one more boy and two girls. The exact date of birth of a businessman is April 24, 1972.

In the village where God Nisanov was born and raised, mountain Jews predominantly lived, and it is not surprising that the boy was brought up in strict accordance with the traditions of this people. This made him an extremely helpful, intelligent and very responsible person.


After graduating from a general secondary school, the young man entered the financial and credit technical school in Baku, for a legal course. The exact name of the field of study is "lending and jurisprudence in the social security system."

Even while studying at the legal college, God realized that this direction was not his. Even then, entrepreneurial "veins", the traits of a leader, a leader were clearly manifested in his character, which was also noted by his father, Semyon Davidovich Nisanov, director of the Cuban cannery in Azerbaijan.


After graduating from a technical school in those days, graduates were required to work for some time in their profession. For several years, God Nisanov was an employee of the social security service, at the same time he studied at the Baku Law Institute and received leadership skills at his father's enterprise as a manager. After his father was convinced that Year was ready for “big business, he helped his son get a job in an organization engaged in the transportation and sale of petroleum products. According to some sources, at that time the young man already had his own, albeit a small grocery store in the town of Cuba.


Soon, God realized that the scale of mountain villages and even the republic did not suit him, and decided to go to Moscow. His friend Zarakh Iliev went with him. Their first joint business was connected with real estate objects - construction, restoration.

Now God Nisanov is the founder and owner, co-owner of such enterprises as

  • Moskvarium,
  • "Kievskaya square",
  • SC "Olympic",
  • Flotilla Radisson Royal,
  • Food City and many others.

Most of the business areas of the Year of Nisanov are social in nature. For example, the Food City agricultural cluster allows residents of the capital and the region to purchase food at affordable prices. Several construction projects are aimed specifically at developing and improving the infrastructure of Moscow, and during the creation of the Radisson Collection hotel, the appearance of the building, which has historical significance, was completely preserved.

Awards, projects and charity

For his activities in the field of business and charity, God Nisanov has already been awarded seven significant awards. These include the Progress medal (2011), the Order of Friendship (2014) and For Service to the Fatherland (2016), the Certificate of Honor of the President of the Russian Federation (2012), the awards “For Leadership” (2014) and others.


God Nisanov actively supports the communities of Mountain Jews, helps educational institutions, and invests in the development of art.Among his projects in this direction, one can single out the work on the restoration of the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Kronstadt, the opening of the Heder Menachem school, and financial support from the All-Russian Azerbaijan Congress.


In addition, God Semenovich invests in objects and organizations related to his hobbies and interests. The businessman is fond of scuba diving, supports clubs that teach this. The horse farm can always count on his help, where he visits quite often. And Nisanov is constantly improving and developing - he studies new areas of art, languages. His language "arsenal" already includes Farsi, Arabic, Turkish and others. In total, he is fluent in six languages.

Personal life

Very little is known about the personal life of a businessman and patron of the Year Semenovich Nisanov. He does not like to answer journalists' questions on this topic and diligently bypasses it in his few open conversations with media representatives.

According to official information, he is married, has been married for many years, he and his wife have four children - a daughter and three sons. All he allows himself to say in an interview about his family is that without his family he would not have been so successful in business.

Photos of the wife and children of the Year of Nisanov cannot be found on the Internet or in print media. They simply do not exist. The businessman is not registered in any social network, and there are no pictures of his relatives on his official website either.

God Semenovich actively supports the parents and children of his sisters, brother. You can often hear the definition of "family" in relation to his business. And this approach to doing business is typical, traditional for people of his nationality, worthy of respect. The history of business development shows that it is the dynasties that achieve success, and the direction of work does not matter.

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