What Are The Films About Vampires

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What Are The Films About Vampires
What Are The Films About Vampires

Video: What Are The Films About Vampires

Video: What Are The Films About Vampires
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Vampire films have always resonated with audiences. Recently, they have gained even more fans. Some of them really take the viewer to the mystical land of bloodsuckers, and some are not even worth watching.

What are the films about vampires
What are the films about vampires


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If you want to watch an old classic vampire movie, devote your time to Nosferatu, Symphony of Horror. It tells the story of a young clerk Hutter, who came from the city of Bremen to the Carpathian forests in the castle of Count Orlok. The mysterious Count, also called Nosferatu, turns out to be a real vampire. Orlok has a wife Nina, her sudden love for a modest office employee and saves Hutter from the poisonous bite of the dark earl.

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If you are interested in stories about teenage vampires, check out the painting "Juvenile Vampire." It tells the story of an ordinary young man Jeremy Capello, who dreams of a beautiful woman seducing him in a big house. Suddenly, his dream comes true, but immediately becomes the most terrible nightmare. The woman turns out to be a vampire and turns Jeremy into her own kind.

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If you want to devote your evening to one of the most interesting vampire films, take a look at Interview with the Vampire. This picture will delight you with a great cast. You will hear the life story of a real vampire who gives an interview to an ordinary journalist.

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Do you want to plunge into the world of mysterious and snowy Alaska? Watch the movie 30 Days of Night. The small town of Barrow plunges into darkness for 30 days every year. This time the city has been invaded by bloodthirsty vampires.

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If you want to have a really interesting time, Underworld is perfect for you. He talks about the war between vampires and werewolves, which has been waged for several centuries in secret from people. The main character Selina, a vampire warrior, fearlessly fights werewolves. Members of her clan are convinced that they have defeated their enemies, but Selina is confident that the werewolves have prepared a terrible revenge for her people.

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If you are not averse to looking at the real beauty - attractive, young, stylish girls, capable of anything, do not bypass the "Taste of the Night". The main character of the film, Lina, is a difficult teenager. At one party, she meets a girl named Louise, who turns out to be a vampire. Louise takes Lina to her gang, which includes two more girls. A world of complete freedom and glamor opens before Lina. Girls have fun and commit crime after crime. The tale ends when police officer Tom Cerner, for whom Lina has uneasy feelings, is taken to investigate their dark affairs.

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