Interesting Facts About Pirates

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Interesting Facts About Pirates
Interesting Facts About Pirates

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Most people today think that being a pirate is romantic. After all, this occupation was accompanied in the old days by adventures, countless treasures and merry drinking after successful robberies. But in reality everything was different, not as described in films and books. Let's talk about what the pirates were in reality.

Pirate Facts
Pirate Facts


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Piracy came along with the advent of seafaring. And the first fleet, consisting of warships, was created to fight sea pirates. Someone had to protect the merchant ships from attacks.

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Privateering was called legalized piracy. This word used to be called sea terror aimed at ships of other states. These actions were carried out on behalf of the authorities, mainly for political purposes. The privateer possessed a patent for robbery and paid a certain percentage to the state treasury. In another way, privateers were also called corsairs.

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Another type of pirate was filibusters. In the early 17th century, these robbers robbed exclusively Spanish ships in the Caribbean. Although France and England passed laws against piracy, they supported the filibusters in every possible way, since it was beneficial for them to weaken the powerful Spain at that time.

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Not everyone knows, but the Jolly Roger flag was originally used to signal that there was an epidemic on the ship. Later, pirates began to raise it just before the battle in order to demoralize the enemy. Although it is generally believed that pirates constantly flew under such a flag, be aware that this is not true.

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In fact, the pirate black mark was invented by the writer R. L. Stevenson in Treasure Island. In reality, there was nothing like this. Stevenson also invented that the pirates constantly drank rum on the ship and on land. The robbers allowed themselves to get drunk only when they went ashore, and during the voyage there was usually a dry law.

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The booty looted in battle was helped by the quartermaster to divide the pirates. The captain took 10 shares for himself - the most. The ship's carpenter received the least, since he did not participate in the battle. If the pirate was injured, he was additionally given compensation for this.

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It is believed that the pirates wore the blindfold for a reason, but for practical reasons. The point is that often when boarding, the fighters had to go down into the dark hold. From the light, the eyes must get used to the darkness for several minutes, but in combat conditions such a delay is like death. With the bandage, the pirate could see in the hold instantly, it is enough to remove it and you can immediately join the battle.

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Pirates were only allowed to wear an earring in their ear if they had already crossed the equator. Or after the extreme southern point of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, Cape Horn, has been rounded.

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The pirates had nicknames not for beauty, but because they hid their real names. Thus, saving yourself and your loved ones from the omnipresent justice.

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The pirates didn't actually bury treasure here and there. If this was done, it was very rarely, in forced circumstances. Although in films and books, everything looks very different.

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