What Volunteers Do

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What Volunteers Do
What Volunteers Do

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Volunteering is primarily based on voluntary assistance and community service. Volunteers help non-profit organizations in the implementation of socially important projects without receiving money for this.

Helping hand
Helping hand


Ideological people often become volunteers. Those who are ready to help others for free in order to make the world a little better and kinder. Volunteers are an invaluable resource in helping social services and nonprofit organizations. Vivid examples of such organizations are the UN, the Red Cross Society, the American Peace Corps, Greenpeace.

Helping people

There are many social groups that need support: retirees, low-income families, orphans, disabled people, sick people and undergoing rehabilitation, etc. Each of these groups requires different help.

To help those in need financially, volunteers organize a collection of clothes, children's toys, various kitchen utensils and everything that other volunteers are willing to donate. Then they distribute all the collected things to the families of people in need. Let me remind you that volunteers do not receive material remuneration for their work. They gain experience and moral satisfaction.

There is another kind of help. For example, orphans, disabled children and other categories that the state maintains in specialized institutions. Volunteers organize recreational and educational events. They stage performances in orphanages, organize amateur concerts in boarding schools and hospitals, conduct developmental classes for children, and even organize computer courses for pensioners. Volunteers give their time and attention to people who need support.

Environmental protection and protection

Volunteering is not limited to helping people. Charitable foundations are ready to protect nature, homeless animals and order. Volunteers play a key role in such projects. How many stray cats and dogs roam the streets? If you collect at least some of them in a nursery, it will take a lot of effort to keep and care for the animals. Volunteers help to cope with this task.

There are many activities for the protection and protection of the environment. For example, local ones - volunteer clean-ups, cleaning of parks, abandoned squares, city streets, nature reserves, restoration of playgrounds and improvement of public places. Such projects are not easy work. Volunteers are involved in both organizing events and carrying them out.

Many organizations are engaged in the protection of wild forests and their inhabitants. For example, Australia has a very developed veterinary care service. In Thailand, charities are pouring in to help wild elephants and other jungle dwellers who are suffering from industrialization or are endangered. Without volunteers, no such project would have been possible.

Examples of other volunteer activities

Community service is only a small part of the volunteer's work. They are attracted to educational activities both in their native countries and in other countries. Volunteers are involved in organizing various gatherings, festivals and conferences. They are also involved in the construction of socially significant objects. Even when evacuating from places of natural disasters, help is needed. Volunteers make an invaluable contribution to the implementation of all such events.

It is worth noting that volunteering is not only an ideological activity, but also an experience. This area is more developed abroad. Volunteers often get the opportunity to help out for more than an idea. They acquire certain knowledge and skills. Such activities may well become the first step for a volunteer to obtain a paid position in various specialized organizations.

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