How To Bless A Bride

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How To Bless A Bride
How To Bless A Bride

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It used to be considered unacceptable for the bride to marry without a parental blessing. This was done only by girls who fled from their families and went against the will of their parents. Today, the blessing of young people does not always happen, and many people do not know how to properly conduct the ceremony.

How to bless a bride
How to bless a bride


Step 1

Both her parents and the groom's parents bless the bride. The first - as a sign that they are released to another family, the second - showing their willingness to accept a girl in a new family. In order to carry out the ceremony, buy an icon (unless, of course, you are going to pass on to the young the one that your parents once passed on to you). The icons of the Kazan Mother of God and Jesus Christ are most often used, although the church does not give specific instructions in this regard. You can choose an image of any saint.

Step 2

If you are the bride's parents, then you should bless your daughter before she goes to the registry office. Make sure that no strangers are present when performing the ordinance. If the blessing takes place on the wedding day, move away with the young from the guests.

Step 3

Take the icon in such a way that the faces of the saints are turned to the young. Take care not to touch the icon with your bare hands: you should hold it with a towel-towel.

Step 4

Say the parting words and cross the bride with the icon, letting her kiss the image after that. Repeat the same procedure for the groom. Then baptize both children, wanting them to create a close-knit, strong family, as befits true Christians. It is important that the parting words you say are sincere, otherwise they will lose their power, or rather never gain it. It is better to refuse to perform the ordinance if you are not sure of its necessity or do not believe in the Lord.

Step 5

If you are the groom's parents, bless the young couple after they register their relationship. Previously, weddings were celebrated in the husband's house, now more often in the banquet hall, so you can carry out the ceremony not traditionally at the doorstep of your home, but right in the restaurant. The main thing is not the place where people turn to God, but how they turn to.

Step 6

Bless the young people, and then invite them to taste bread and salt, that is, serve a wedding loaf. After this is done, put the loaf on the table, and next to it is an icon. When the holiday is over, the newlyweds will take the image to their home so that it protects their family from misfortunes. And how their life will turn out depends not only on the icons, but on whether the husband and wife will be able to follow their parental instructions.

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