How To Confess For The First Time

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How To Confess For The First Time
How To Confess For The First Time

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Sooner or later, we come to such a responsible step as confession, by our inner desire or by someone’s parting words. We come and … do not know what to do with this desire. We are embarrassed to ask how to confess correctly and what is needed for this. We ask ourselves what needs to be said and how to correctly express what is so difficult to say.

First of all, you must understand for yourself that in confession a person repents of his sins to the Lord God himself. Therefore, confession should be taken very seriously.

How to confess for the first time
How to confess for the first time


Step 1

One should prepare for the Sacrament of Repentance. The preparation for confession is called fasting. On the days of retreat, one should go to church services, one should take more seriously home prayers. Also, during fasting, a strict fast should be observed. This does not mean at all that one should not only eat meat and drink milk. These days should be devoted to deep thinking about your sins and rethinking your life.

Step 2

On the day of confession, many "beginners" face a psychological barrier: how can a stranger (priest) open themselves, frankly, not from the best side. But you shouldn't be afraid of this. In confession, you talk to the Lord Himself, and the priest only helps you. Don't be afraid to talk about your sins.

Step 3

A common "mistake" of those who first confess is "whitewashing" themselves in the eyes of the priest. We talk about sin and immediately find the reason why it happened. If you really repented of your sins, this means that you really admit your guilt for what you have done and do not pass it on to others, and do not consider it an objective necessity.

Step 4

If you come to church for the forgiveness of your sins, be sincere with yourself. The Sacrament of Repentance requires effort on your part; you should not do a favor by coming to confession. Do not be afraid to turn to the priest with a question if you could not figure out something on your own. And most importantly, be honest with yourself and realize the importance of the sacrament of confession exclusively for you, but not for those around you, relatives and friends. And it would be all the more erroneous to regard confession as an exclusively cult event, devoid of the deepest inner meaning.

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