How To Learn To Laugh Beautifully

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How To Learn To Laugh Beautifully
How To Learn To Laugh Beautifully

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Laughing beautifully, contagious and fun, perhaps everyone dreams. You have heard more than once how babies gurgle and older people laugh cheerfully. This is because children have not yet forgotten how to laugh heartily, and older adults have already ceased to pay attention to all the conventions and antics. Pay a little attention to your own laughter, because laughter is a direct reflection of your character, and most importantly, a source of health, longevity and happiness (as it promotes the production of endorphins).

How to learn to laugh beautifully
How to learn to laugh beautifully


Step 1

Record your laugh on a voice recorder, or better on video. To do this, it is enough to put the switched on camera somewhere in the corner of the room during a meeting with friends and forget about it. By the way, the camera is capable of reinforcing any flaws. Study your behavior on the recording, the volume of your speech, the resonance of laughter. This will help you identify and correct significant deficiencies in the expression of your emotions.

Step 2

If you are ashamed of your own laughter, evaluate and analyze the reasons for this. Ask others and relatives what is wrong with your laughter. Perhaps you have ugly or yellowed teeth, and you always cover your mouth with your hand? Then the problem will go away by itself after you visit the dentist. If you are making a loud cackle or grunting, then you should do some self-control and work on your sounds. And laughter is out of place and at the wrong time and does speak of a low culture of a person. Nothing can be done about this without the desire of the person himself to grow wiser and develop.

Step 3

Temperamental and unrestrained people usually laugh very loudly and loudly. Try not to open your mouth so wide and not to throw your head back too much. This will create a barrier to the sound coming from you and make your laugh more cultured. Rather, tears should flow from your eyes, rather than deafen those around you with your laughter.

Step 4

Get rid of wheezing, snorting, throat whistling, squealing, whinnying. These seemingly funny features of laughter can shock strangers. And you can forget about the beauty of manners with such a laugh. For self-control, come up with an inconspicuous trick: pinch your hand or bite the tip of your tongue to distract slightly from the object that made you laugh and restrain your sounds.

Step 5

Watch the position of your own lips: the wider your mouth is open during laughter, the more likely it is to accidentally spit the interlocutor (or, again, make an involuntary sound). Try to prevent this moment, but you should not deliberately purse your lips either. Stretch your lips into a wide smile and you will hear a completely different, cultured and melodic laugh.

Step 6

Rehearse in front of the mirror. But at the same time, try to stay at ease. If you make a feigned and scenic laugh, drastically change your facial expression, restrain yourself when others are laughing, you will simply be misunderstood.

Real laughter is a good-natured, ringing, positive emotion. Treat everything with humor, appreciate jokes, and just relax. There is nothing more attractive than a sincere, cheerful, lively laughter that transforms and makes a person beautiful.

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