Famous Esotericists Of The 20th Century

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Famous Esotericists Of The 20th Century
Famous Esotericists Of The 20th Century

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Esoteric teachings from time immemorial attracted people with their mystery, aura of mysticism. In fact, they were all purely applied - they helped to search for the meaning of life, to understand the hidden mechanisms of being, to change consciousness. Some of these teachings have come down to our days intact from time immemorial. Others were formed quite recently, for example, in the 20th century. Here are just a few of the great Masters of this century.

Famous esotericists of the 20th century
Famous esotericists of the 20th century


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George Gurdjieff is a philosopher and mystic, a mysterious spiritual teacher. Even in his youth, a boy from a Greek-Armenian family with a group of "Seekers of Truth" went to the East to find there the surviving ancient knowledge. Traveled across Persia, Tibet, Outer Mongolia. Then he began to gather around him students, who, using very original methods, helped to free themselves from the superficial perception of the world, to find a true system of values. All this was supposed to lead, according to his plan, to the renewal of life as a whole.

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Jiddu Krishnamurti is an Indian youth who, from childhood, was distinguished by a philosophical mindset. Subsequently, he went to study in London and became a member of the Theosophical circle. He created his own system, became the head of the "Star of the East" order, published many philosophical works, in which he explained his views on the picture of the world. Society enthusiastically proclaimed him "the savior of the West", but he clearly did not want to be such.

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Daniil Andreev, the son of the Russian writer Leonid Andreev, created the monumental work "The Rose of the World", in which he described his visionary experience. The book explains the problems of cosmology, puts forward the theory of egregors and elementals, touches upon the multidimensionality of space and time, confirms the existence of a higher cosmic mind.

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Pavel Florensky is a Russian priest and thinker. In his teachings, religion and philosophy are inextricably fused. He left behind many works that should be read by everyone who wants to know what esotericism, religion, philosophy are. In his teaching, the main thing was the concept of the Radiant Eye, the middle of the Divine triangle.

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Rudolf Steiner - the doctrine of anthroposophy, published many works. He believed that the main thing is to awaken the spiritual forces hidden in a person.

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Petr Donov is a Bulgarian spiritual teacher. He created the esoteric school "White Brotherhood" (not to be confused with the totalitarian sect of the same name). He began his education with the basics of Christianity, helping people to combine their feelings and thoughts with cosmic rhythms. His technique is called paneurhythmia. With her help, the initiates discovered a special, spiritual vision.

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Edward Crowley is a magician and esotericist. Graduated from Cambridge, traveled to Asia. He founded the Order of the Silver Star. He claimed that during a visit to Cairo, a voice of extraterrestrial intelligence informed him that a new era of humanity was coming. Crowley was a strong psychic and said that any conscious human action is magic, because it also has a second, invisible plan.

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Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh, or Osho, is an Indian teacher who himself called himself a "wrong mystic." He has been a rebel since childhood. And all subsequent life he put personal experience of truth higher than all borrowed knowledge, teachings, beliefs. At the age of 21, he received enlightenment and began to bring his unique techniques of meditation into the world. Subsequently, a commune of like-minded people was organized around him.

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