Bendukidze Kakha Avtandilovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Bendukidze Kakha Avtandilovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Bendukidze Kakha Avtandilovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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The establishment of a market economy in Russia and other states that emerged after the collapse of the USSR was accompanied by complex and painful processes. Kakha Bendukidze is one of the active participants in privatization, which was carried out in the early 90s.

Kakha Bendukidze
Kakha Bendukidze

Starting conditions

Businessmen were not born in the Soviet Union. Members of the CPSU became entrepreneurs after the great power was divided into separate states. Kakha Avtandilovich Bendukidze was born on April 20, 1956 in an intelligent family. Parents lived in the famous city of Tbilisi. My father taught mathematics at a local university. Mother lectured on history and cultural studies. The child grew up and developed in an intellectual environment.

Kakha studied well at school. When the time came to choose a profession, he entered the biological department of his native university. As a student, he was actively involved in social work. Easily found a common language with fellow students. He was elected secretary of the Komsomol organization. In 1977 he graduated and passed the postgraduate examinations at Moscow State University. Three years later he defended his Ph.D. thesis.

Privatization strategist

Bendukidze's scientific career was developing successfully. However, the perestroika that began has made cardinal changes to the long-term plans. As the first step, the candidate of sciences created a cooperative for the production and delivery of highly scarce biochemical materials. After a short period of time, the dry cooperative turned into a joint-stock company "Bioprocess". Partners and colleagues of the future oligarch noted that Kakha Bendukidze had a broad outlook and strategic thinking.

At the next stage, Bendukidze initiated the creation of the Promtorgbank bank and an oil company. The created structure was engaged in the supply of oil products to Moscow and the Moscow region. However, banking and gasoline trading have become an intermediate link in development. Kakha Avtandilovich demonstrated elegance and creativity in building business structures. In 1994, he became a co-owner of the famous Uralmash and the Sormovskiy shipyard.

Quirks of personal life

The commercial structures established by Bendukidze actively participated in check auctions, bought vouchers from the population for next to nothing. The prudent and assertive entrepreneur was remembered in Georgia, and he invited him to help his native country. The President offered him the post of Minister of Economy. In this position, Kakha managed to privatize the building of the Agrarian University and the land plot for 10% of the cost. In the spring of 2014, he was invited to become an expert in Ukraine.

You can write a detective novel about the personal life of an entrepreneur. Bendukidze has lived with Natalia Zolotova since 1990. In fact, the husband and wife did not find the time to formalize their relationship. Kakha recognized Anastasia Goncharova as his daughter. The girl achieved recognition by making a DNA examination. Bendukidze himself died in the fall of 2014 after heart surgery.

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