How To Get Backstage

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How To Get Backstage
How To Get Backstage

Video: How To Get Backstage

Video: How To Get Backstage
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The last bell rings in the theater, the lights go out and the performance begins. Have you sat in the hall many times, beat off your hands, enthusiastically clapping to your favorite artist, and dreamed of getting backstage at least once and seeing all the magical action on stage from a completely different angle? It's possible to get behind the scenes, but it won't be so easy.

How to get backstage
How to get backstage


Step 1

Meet the pop star or theater actor you dream of going backstage. A director or sound engineer can also help you with this matter. If you have no connections in theater circles, and chasing the stars is beyond your dignity, then you can make friends with a theater security guard or an employee at the ticket office. The main thing is that this person himself can freely get into any corners of the stage.

Step 2

Introduce yourself as a detective writer writing about a villainous murder behind the scenes. You can use a well-known surname, all the same, not everyone knows the workers of the pen by sight. However, you should not be called Akunin or Dontsova - anyone who has a TV knows their faces. If you have questions about why your surname is different in your passport, refer to your pseudonym.

Step 3

Become a theater worker. It is not necessary to have an acting or directing education. Cleaning ladies, lighting fixers, graphic designers also have the right and the opportunity to be behind the scenes during the performance.

Step 4

Ask a fellow journalist or photojournalist who is accredited to attend theater events. It will be enough for you to modestly follow behind and carry heavy equipment or a handsome daddy if there is no equipment. You will not be asked for a pass for visiting internal visits.

Step 5

Introduce yourself as an FSB or police officer. Explain to the formidable watchman that it is extremely important for you to get backstage, you have urgent business and you should not detain you. And straight ahead, with a confident step, walk past the law enforcement officer, until he decides to ask you for a certificate.

Step 6

Set up an assistant to a star who often performs on stage. If you can work as a stylist, massage therapist, agent and have a good professional reputation, it will be real to do it.