Dzherbinova Yulia Georgievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Dzherbinova Yulia Georgievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Dzherbinova Yulia Georgievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Dzherbinova Yulia Georgievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Dzherbinova Yulia Georgievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Dzherbinova Julia is an actress who is remembered by the audience for her strong energy. She managed to play many roles in various roles.

Julia Dzherbinova
Julia Dzherbinova

Family, early years

Julia Georgievna was born on June 10, 1969 in Sverdlovsk. Her grandfather is Tatar by nationality. During the war, he was an investigator, and then became an employee of the prosecutor's office. Julia has a younger sister.

Since childhood, Dzherbinova dreamed of becoming an actress, sang and danced in front of family and friends. When she became a schoolgirl, she began to take part in amateur performances, was a participant in concerts, various events, and played in plays.

After graduating from school, Julia studied at a theater school in her hometown, then continued her education in St. Petersburg. Her studies were successful, Dzherbinova became an actress capable of reincarnating in a variety of heroines. Julia received her diploma in 1991.

Creative career

In 1991, Dzherbinova entered the theater "Troupe-C7", and from 1992 to 1993. worked in the theater "Comedians". Then she moved to the Theater of Satire. The actress played in many performances: "Marriage", "Three of Love", "My Lady's Secret", "That Light", "Tanya-Tanya", "Petrushka", "Dangerous Liaisons", "Zaklikuhi", "Tattooed Rose", "Enchanted April".

Julia was one of the volunteer actresses who went with a concert crew to Chechnya. She collaborated with the Youth Theater on Fontanka, where she played in the play "Twelfth Night".

Dzherbinova began acting in films in 1987, appearing in an episode of the movie "Team 33". Her filmography includes: "Russian transit", "Black crow", "When the day comes", "Chekist".

The main role of the actress went to the movie "Sea Knot", the characters in the movie "Gentle Winter", "Group" Zeta ", "Marriage Contract" became memorable. In 2011, Dzherbinova got the main roles in the TV / s "Marriage Contract" and the movie "Rage". She also played in the series "Cry of the Owl" (2013), which became popular.

Personal life

The first marriage of the actress ended in divorce, but the former spouses managed to maintain friendly relations. The second husband of the actress was Evgeny Dyatlov. They met in 1998, the acquaintance took place at the Satire Theater. Both participated in the play "Dangerous Liaisons", at that time they were in a relationship.

After some time, Julia realized that she had fallen in love. She decided to confess this to Eugene. After 9 years, the relationship ended in marriage, which was concluded in 2007 after the birth of a common child - daughter Vasilisa. The husband was present at the birth.

From his first marriage, Dyatlov left 2 sons. Dzherbinova gave her daughter her last name; in this matter, the husband left the right to choose for his wife. Julia is happy in her family life. He and Eugene spend a lot of time together not only at home but also at work, participating in the same plays (for example, Macbeth). Both played in the m / s "Sea Knot", "Black Raven".

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