How To Stop Being Friends

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How To Stop Being Friends
How To Stop Being Friends

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Video: How To Stop Being Friends
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Attractive at first, the friend zone is very tricky. Once you become friends with a person you like, it is difficult to strike up a romantic relationship with him. If you act tactfully and carefully, there is still a chance to leave the friendship zone and enter the territory of love.

How to stop being friends
How to stop being friends


Step 1

Before you start penetrating the romantic zone of the person who considers you a friend, accept the fact that there is a possibility of losing him altogether. But you also have many advantages over other candidates for the heart of a beloved / sweetheart, because you already know his / her interests and hobbies.

Step 2

Remember what qualities are important to your friend. Actively develop and emphasize them. The guy does not need to be aware of all women's problems, move away from discussing cosmetics, evening dresses and problems with cellulite. A girl should stop wearing only jeans and sweatshirts, pull all skirts and other feminine outfits out of the closet. That is, if you want to get out of the friendship zone, you need to become a prominent representative of your gender, so that you are not mistaken for “your boyfriend” (in the case of a girl) and for “girlfriend” (if a young man wants to stop being just a friend).

Step 3

Flirt actively. And not only with the object of your desire. Possessive jealousy should wake up in your friend and encourage him to take any action to return "property".

Step 4

Show your independence. If earlier the person you are in love with could ask you for something and know for sure that you will do it, now declare your own plans, which did not include the fulfillment of all the desires of the “friend”.

Step 5

Usually, girls at this moment begin to take offense and defiantly bring another favorite closer to themselves. But this only plays into your hands, because it means that she has ceased to see you as a sexless being. Guys are more indifferent, but that gives you time to completely transform. Work on your look very carefully. You may need the help of a stylist, makeup artist and even a psychologist. But on the other hand, the result of the transformation of the usual inconspicuous unisex girl into a luxurious seductive person will be amazing.

Step 6

Now break down the physical barrier, subtly and delicately penetrate the personal zone of your beloved / beloved, not as a friend, but as a pretender. You no longer need a mother's hugs and pats on the shoulder, frivolous brutal greetings and comforting gestures. Hugs, if the object seeks to get into them, must become different. A guy who wants to leave the friend zone should hug the girl not by the shoulders, but by the waist. A girl should put her hands on a man's neck so that he looks at her with different eyes.

Step 7

If you are called to come, react to it like an invitation to a date. Behave appropriately in the meeting. The guy comes with flowers, and the girl comes in a beautiful dress. If the reaction is negative, just talk about your feelings to dot the i's.

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