Where To Call If A Person Died

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Where To Call If A Person Died
Where To Call If A Person Died

Video: Where To Call If A Person Died

Video: Where To Call If A Person Died
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The death of a person is always a terrible tragedy for his loved ones. And it seems that in such a situation it is simply impossible to think about anything else. And then on the shoulders of relatives fall some responsibilities associated with the examination of death and funeral. Unfortunately, no matter how severe the suffering, these obligations will have to be fulfilled, so it is better to know in advance what to do if a person dies.

Where to call if a person died
Where to call if a person died

It is necessary

  • - telephone;
  • - documents (your passport, passport of the deceased, his insurance policy and outpatient card).


Step 1

Call an ambulance. Report the death of the person so that the arriving team can state it. The healthcare provider will need to give you a death certificate or an accompanying sheet. Call a police officer. He will have to draw up a protocol of the examination of the body and give it to you.

Step 2

If the body needs to be transported to the morgue, then call a special vehicle for transportation. Give all received documents to the staff of the corpse transportation service. From the same employees, you will receive a referral form to the polyclinic to provide a card of the deceased, if the card is not in your hands. If the body was not transferred to the morgue, then collect all the documents, an outpatient card, the passport of the deceased, an insurance policy and contact the clinic to draw up a death certificate.

Step 3

If the body was transferred to the morgue, then the death certificate will be drawn up there. To do this, bring your passport, the passport of the deceased, a referral from the corpse transportation service, an insurance policy to the clinic and ask for an outpatient card with a posthumous epicrisis, and then hand it over to the morgue. After receiving the death certificate, apply to the registry office for a certificate with an official seal and a death certificate.

Step 4

In cases where a person died outside of his home (on the street, visiting, etc.), after receiving documents from the ambulance and the police, call the morgue transportation service in the area in which the person was. The death certificate will be drawn up in the morgue after you present your passport and the passport of the deceased. With this certificate, you must hand over the person's body to the morgue at your place of residence.

Step 5

After all the procedures and registration of all documents, call one of the services involved in funeral services, or go to the funeral bureau yourself to organize a funeral.

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