Why The Main Function Of Language Is Communicative

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Why The Main Function Of Language Is Communicative
Why The Main Function Of Language Is Communicative

Video: Why The Main Function Of Language Is Communicative

Video: Why The Main Function Of Language Is Communicative
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Language is endowed with three functions: communicative, cognitive and cumulative. The key role is given to the first of them, because communication between people is impossible without language.

Why the main function of language is communicative
Why the main function of language is communicative


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By means of communication, verbal and non-verbal communication are distinguished. Verbal communication occurs through the use of speech, and non-verbal communication - facial expressions and gestures. Speech, in turn, is impossible without knowledge of the language.

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Thus, language is a means of communication between people. Without it, people would not be able to express their thoughts and feelings verbally, but would communicate using body language. Having a language helps people to reach mutual understanding.

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Communication can be described as the process of exchanging information. Information is understood as information available for perception and understanding.

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If the information was successfully perceived and understood, they will certainly evoke one or another response from the recipient. Through the transmission of information, you can stimulate a person to change their behavior.

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This activity will not necessarily be active. At a minimum, the information received will be considered.

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However, simple knowledge of the language as a set of symbols does not ensure the successful implementation of the communicative function. For this to happen, a native speaker must have known communicative competence.

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Not all people are able to adequately use their language knowledge and skills, relying on the current situation of communication. And the specific situation of communication carries different conditions each time. It will be helpful to develop your skills in the use of words and grammatical structures.

Step 8

There are certain speech conditions that determine the choice of words and grammatical means. These conditions include the nature of the relationship between the interlocutors and their social roles. The second condition is the place of communication, the third is the goals and intentions of the speakers.

Step 9

We can say that communication skills are communication skills, taking into account all of the above conditions. That is why language competence is so important for adequate communication.

Step 10

The degree of communicative competence also determines a person's ability to understand other people's speech behavior programs adequately to the communication situation. This degree depends on knowledge of the basic concepts of linguistic speech. It is necessary to know about the styles and types of speech, to have the skills of retelling.

Step 11

Today, communicative competence is the key to the successful realization of a person in dynamic socio-economic conditions. This is a very valuable quality that requires many professions.

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