How To Choose A Cross Pendant

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How To Choose A Cross Pendant
How To Choose A Cross Pendant

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The pectoral cross is an obligatory attribute of any believer. According to the Orthodox tradition, it protects its owner from bad thoughts, diseases, and also heals his body and soul. Whether you want to buy a cross for yourself or choose one for a child, there are a few simple rules.

How to choose a cross pendant
How to choose a cross pendant


Step 1

Don't chase luxury. The pectoral cross is called pectoral cross because it is worn under clothing close to the heart. No matter how brightly it is decorated, no one is given to see this beauty, so consider whether it is worth choosing a cross with precious stones and embossing. From the point of view of faith, a simple wooden or bone cross is absolutely no different from the most richly decorated and expensive gold cross.

Step 2

Pay attention to the conformity of the cross to Orthodox traditions. In Catholicism, it is customary to wear a crucifix - an image of Jesus that looks very realistic. Orthodox crosses are also made with the image of the Savior's figure, but the fundamental difference here is that this image is not so believable. The prevailing should not be the illumination of the torment and suffering of Jesus on the cross, but his feat in the name of humanity, designed to wash away all sins and show the possibility of eternal life. It is for this reason that a cross with a crucifixion should be chosen in Orthodox traditions: reflecting only the image of the Savior and the greatness of His spirit.

Step 3

Consecrate your cross in the temple. If you purchase a cross and chain from a church shop at the Temple or chapel, they are most likely already consecrated. If in doubt, you can always check with the sellers. However, if the purchase is made in an ordinary jewelry store, the cross and the chain must be consecrated. This is done very simply, come to the church before the start of the service and agree with the priest or another staff member of the church about the consecration of the cross. The ritual is accompanied by prayer, and if you wish, you can also participate in it.

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