How To Get Through The Turnstile

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How To Get Through The Turnstile
How To Get Through The Turnstile

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Today it is difficult to find any institution or office building where there are no turnstiles. We pass through them on the subway every day. Sometimes they even block our way to the passenger compartment of a bus or tram. Different turnstiles have their own peculiarities of functioning. But they have the same purpose - the passage of people one by one. All turnstiles are among the designs widely used in practice to ensure safety. There are many different types and types of turnstiles, but the most common are metro turnstiles. They are equipped with token collectors.

How to get through the turnstile
How to get through the turnstile

It is necessary

Money for a token, the token itself or a travel ticket


Step 1

Go to the ticket office located in the metro and buy a travel token or a multi-ride pass. Nowadays, there are both ordinary cash change offices and automatic cash registers.

Step 2

Go to the turnstile. Metro turnstiles are designed for large traffic flows. Of all the existing models, this one has the highest throughput. It is convenient to go through them with things.

Step 3

Throw the token into the slot of the token collector or bring the ticket to the special place on the turnstile.

Step 4

Wait for the green light to appear on the turnstile. Calmly pass through the turnstile and go to the platform you need.

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