Preston Kelly: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Preston Kelly: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Preston Kelly: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Preston Kelly: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Preston Kelly: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Kelly Camalelehua Preston is an American actress. She began her career as a photo model in advertising, where one of the directors noticed her and offered to try casting for upcoming projects. Kelly was not approved for the main role, but the girl decided to continue her acting career. She began acting on television, and then in big movies.

Kelly Preston
Kelly Preston

Kelly began her creative biography back in the 70s, but popularity came to her only in the mid 80s. Today, the actress has more than sixty movie roles, while she continues to delight her fans with new works. The most famous films with Preston's participation are: "Christina", "Gemini", "Secret Admirer", "Tales from the Crypt", "Nothing to Lose", "Holy Man", "Casino Jack", "The Gotti Code".

early years

Kelly was born in the fall of 1962 in the Hawaiian Islands. Her father worked for one of the local companies that specialized in agriculture. Mom, on the other hand, worked on the hotline in the psychological support center. When the girl was three years old, her father died tragically. But soon my mother married a man named Peter Palzis, who later was involved in raising Kelly.

The family moved from place to place many times, so the girl managed to visit not only American cities, but also live for some time in Iraq and Australia. She began her studies at school in Adelaide, and later, returning to America, entered college, where she began to study theatrical skills.

Living in Australia, the girl worked in one of the modeling agencies, where she got through a chance acquaintance with a professional photographer working in advertising. It was he who helped Kelly start a career in the advertising business, and later contributed to the fact that she got on one of the auditions of a new project on television.

Film career

For a long time Preston starred in small roles and in extras. It was only in the mid-80s that she gained fame as an actress. This happened after the release of the films: "Crazy", "Christina", "Secret Admirer".

Popularity came to Kelly after the comedy film "Gemini", which tells about the adventures of two brothers, absolutely different from each other. The leading roles were played by A. Schwarzenegger and D. De Vito. Preston played the role of the girl Marnie, who was directly related to all the adventures of the main characters. The film was a huge success with the audience and was nominated for the Golden Globe Award.

Soon Kelly managed to be on the set with the famous actor George Clooney and director Quentin Tarantino in the movie "From Dawn Till Dusk". She got the small role of a journalist, but being next to such stars was already a great success.

Despite the considerable number of roles in films, critics do not favor the actress with their laudatory reviews. She was nominated several times for the "Golden Raspberry" as the worst actress. But this does not prevent Preston from continuing his career.

Personal life

Kevin Gage became Kelly's first husband. But after a few years, the couple broke up, possibly because of Kelly's beginning romance with George Clooney. Very little is known about the relationship between Preston and Clooney, only that once the girl gave her lover a pig named Max.

After breaking up with Clooney, Kelly began dating Charlie Sheen, but because of his scandalous and irascible nature, she quickly stopped communicating with him. The novel is over.

In 1991, the famous actor John Travolta became the husband of the actress. A year later, the couple had a son, whose doctors discovered a serious genetic disease and autism. In 2000, Kelly gave birth to her second child, daughter Ella, and in 2009 their son died tragically in the Bahamas.

Together with her husband, Kelly founded a charitable foundation that helps children with serious illnesses. This was done in memory of the deceased son.

When Preston was forty-eight years old, she became a mother again. The star couple had a son, whom his parents named Benjamin.

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