Much Easier To Emigrate

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Much Easier To Emigrate
Much Easier To Emigrate

Video: Much Easier To Emigrate

Video: Much Easier To Emigrate
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With due diligence, you can emigrate to many countries. Difficulties in the process of emigration may arise due to lack of knowledge of the language, lack of a demanded profession or initial capital, age, peculiarities of the legislation of the host country.

Much easier to emigrate
Much easier to emigrate


Step 1

The easiest way is to emigrate from Russia to neighboring countries that were formerly part of the USSR. You will not have any problems to enter the territory of Ukraine or Belarus, buy housing there, find a job and obtain a residence permit, and you will most likely receive citizenship of these countries, especially if you have direct relatives there.

Step 2

If we consider the countries of the far abroad, then the easiest way is to emigrate to the Dominican Republic. A Russian can enter this country completely freely and stay there forever, if he has no viral diseases and no previous convictions. However, the standard of living in this country is much lower than in Russia, so you can emigrate there only because of the climate.

Step 3

It is not easy, but possible to emigrate to the USA. This state holds a lottery every year, in which 55,000 special visas are awarded, giving the right to live in the United States. In addition, highly qualified specialists can obtain US citizenship.

Step 4

It is enough just to emigrate to Canada and Australia. These countries have very large uninhabited territories, they constantly need people to develop them. Therefore, these states are developing special immigration programs. If you have a profession that is needed in this country, and you know the language at a sufficient level, you will most likely get a visa. But you must remember that often such immigration programs provide for compulsory residence for several years in remote uninhabited regions of these countries.

Step 5

It is possible to emigrate to the countries of Eastern Europe. These countries are trying to actively develop their economies and welcome the inflow of foreign capital, therefore they have special business immigration programs. In the countries of Eastern Europe, Russians find it easier to adapt due to the similarity of language and mentality.

Step 6

It is much more difficult to emigrate to some countries. For example, to Japan, which has enough of its own inhabitants. It is difficult to emigrate to Western European countries, especially to very small states like Monaco, Vatican, San Marino. It is difficult to obtain a passport of these countries even for people with large capital.