Lazarchuk Andrey Gennadievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Lazarchuk Andrey Gennadievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Lazarchuk Andrey Gennadievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Fatigue and fatigue can come down on a person at any time, even the most inappropriate. Lazarchuk Andrey Gennadievich got tired of working as a doctor and switched to writing.

Andrey Lazarchuk
Andrey Lazarchuk

Starting conditions

You can become a writer or journalist with a rich imagination. The volume of this "wealth" allows you to achieve impressive results or remain at the level of a permanent author of a regional newspaper. Andrey Gennadievich Lazarchuk is a doctor by his first profession. And not just a doctor, but a resuscitator. This means that he brought back to life people who no longer breathed, did not hear and did not move. As is customary to express in such cases, the lesson is not for the weak. Apparently, after a while the doctor exhausted his reserve of forces and switched to another type of activity.

Lazarchuk was born on February 6, 1958 in an ordinary Soviet family. Parents lived at that time in Krasnoyarsk. Who they worked, the author of fantastic books does not tell. The child received everything necessary for growth and harmonious development. I studied well at school. I found a common language with classmates. After school, Andrei decided to get a higher education and entered the famous Krasnoyarsk Medical Institute.

The path to the profession

In the second half of the 70s, when the medical student Lazarchuk began attending lectures, a popular literary association operated at the institute. In the regional youth newspaper, the works of young authors were published on the thematic strip “Near the Lukomorya”. The situation developed in such a way that Andrei began to try his hand at both poetry and prose. The creativity of the novice writer was noticed by fellow writers. He has a circle of friends and acquaintances with whom you can always discuss the plot, idea or line you like.

Lazarchuk successfully completed his studies. Received a diploma and went to work. However, literary works did not stop. Lazarchuk saw the first publication of his work in 1983. It was a parody-satirical poem. In his biography, the writer marks this date as a landmark. The next work was published only six years later. By this time, Andrei made a firm and final decision to engage in creative work professionally. There were good reasons for this.

Essays on personal life

It should be noted that Lazarchuk's career as a resuscitator was not bad. However, satisfaction in life was brought about by a completely different process. By 1990, several novels had already been written. The first chapters of the novel "Latecomers to the Summer" have already been published in the "thick" magazine. At the same time, Andrei entered the literary institute and graduated in 1992. The genre in which he writes his works is defined as turborealism.

The personal life of the science fiction writer was quite successful. In 1999, Lazarchuk moved to a permanent place of residence in St. Petersburg. At one of the seminars where his next romance was discussed, he met a nice girl named Irina. Something like love arose between them. Today, husband and wife live under the same roof. They write. Films are being made. They travel.

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