When Prince Vladimirsky Dmitry Mikhailovich Ruled

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When Prince Vladimirsky Dmitry Mikhailovich Ruled
When Prince Vladimirsky Dmitry Mikhailovich Ruled

Video: When Prince Vladimirsky Dmitry Mikhailovich Ruled

Video: When Prince Vladimirsky Dmitry Mikhailovich Ruled
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Russian princes entered the history of the country in different ways. Someone became a famous commander who augmented Russia with lands, someone was remembered for wisdom, and someone for cunning. Perhaps the latter include Prince Dmitry of Vladimir.

When Prince Vladimirsky Dmitry Mikhailovich ruled
When Prince Vladimirsky Dmitry Mikhailovich ruled

One of the outstanding rulers of ancient times is Prince Dmitry Mikhailovich, who ruled in Vladimir from 1322 to 1326. In just four years of his reign, he was remembered as a harsh, hot-tempered person, and therefore his name was often used with such synonyms as "formidable eyes": Dmitry formidable eyes.

From the Rurik family

It is worth noting that Dmitry Mikhailovich was a representative of a significant family in history, he came from the Rurik dynasty. His father was the Prince of Tver and Vladimir Mikhail Yaroslavovich, his mother was Princess Anna of Rostov, who was recognized by the people as a saint.

The years of Dmitry Mikhailovich's reign are considered to be vague, with constant conspiracies and struggle with enemies. In fact, his entire struggle was directed against Prince Yuri Danilovich of Moscow, whom he considered the direct culprit of the death of his father Mikhail Yaroslavovich.

According to history, after Mikhail Yaroslavovich was executed in the Horde, Yuri received a label to reign as Vladimir from Khan Uzbek. In turn, after the death of his father, Dmitry Mikhailovich inherited the rule of Tver.

Revenge story

In 1321, Dmitry matured a plan of revenge for his father: he decided to pretend that he agreed to peace with Yuri, and sent ambassadors to him with tribute, but the tribute was intended for Khan Uzbek.

Having received the gifts, Yuri was in no hurry to convey this tribute to the Tatar ambassador, on the contrary, not feeling any trick, he went on his business to Novgorod, and from there to distant Finland. This was exactly what Dmitry was counting on, who went to the Horde. He presented the whole situation to Khan Uzbek in the following way: allegedly Prince Yuri Danilovich had not paid tribute to the Horde for a year already, and besides, he cruelly dealt with Prince Mikhail Yaroslavovich and deceived himself with the princely territory, which by right should have gone to him - Dmitry.

The hot-tempered and short-sighted Khan Uzbek, having listened to Dmitry Mikhailovich, got angry and decided to punish the guilty prince Yuri, taking away the illegally appropriated reigns from him. However, it was not easy to put the plan into execution, because Prince Yuri traveled around his possessions for many years, the dispatch about his invitation to a meeting with the khan's ambassador Akhmil came to the Horde only in 1324. The prince did not reach the horde.

Grand Duke Alexander of Tverskoy ruled until 1339 and was executed by the horde along with his son Fedor.

History is silent on the details of the death of Prince Yuri, but it is reliably known that the impatient and spiteful Dmitry personally stabbed a distant relative when he was going to the Horde.

After the murder of Yuri, Dmitry himself hoped only for the leniency of the Khan. But for the shown arbitrariness, Khan Uzbek ordered to kill him, and to transfer the reign to his brother Alexander. So, in 1326, Dmitry Mikhailovich was executed, and the years of his short reign ended.

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