What BBC Movies Are Watched Most Often

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What BBC Movies Are Watched Most Often
What BBC Movies Are Watched Most Often

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BBC films are known for their stories about wildlife, mysteries of cities, biographies of famous people. They shoot serials based on classic literary works. Some of the BBC's films are particularly popular.

What BBC movies are watched the most?
What BBC movies are watched the most?


This movie has the highest ratings on various movie sites. The documentary series about little rodents and their world has won the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. An interesting feature is that the documentary of the film is combined with the voice acting of animals in an allegory with human society. The problems of the relationship between the "teenage meerkat" and the parents, the significance of the "social" influence of the pack and many other issues are considered.

Tess of the D'Arberville family

Answering the question, which BBC films are watched most often, one cannot fail to note the artistic adaptations of famous works. Thomas Hardy's novel about a simple girl who suddenly found herself in the environment of the rich has hit the screens more than once. But it was the BBC series that most accurately conveyed the structure of the plot and the style of the author's storytelling. For 11 episodes, viewers worry about the fate of a girl who is in trouble because of a spoiled pseudo-relative.

Outstanding women of the twentieth century

It is one of the most popular BBC TV series. It tells about the tragedies that happened in the lives of famous women of that time before coming to success. Coco Chanel, her path to fame in the fashion industry is vividly presented to the viewer. Audrey Hepburn and her dance failures explain that she was not immediately successful. Princess Diana with her role in politics and life in England, Marilyn Monroe and the problem of a dysfunctional family - all this tells the story of the BBC.

Inside the Human Body

Educational films are always popular. Therefore, the BBC film about the human body was no exception. It talks about the amazing anatomical features of a person, his ways of adapting to changes in the environment, the work of the body in the absence of important elements of life. This popular BBC film begins with a story about the miracle of childbirth, as an example of a woman wearing triplets under her heart.

Noah's Ark

Biblical topics remain relevant to this day. Therefore, the BBC has a film assessing the credibility of the legend of Noah and the Flood. Historical and computer graphics experts conducted detailed analyzes of the problem to prove that it could exist. The hypotheses and theses of this study are clearly demonstrated in this tape. The film is understandable to a wide range of viewers, which makes it possible to watch it with the whole family. It is this factor that significantly increases the popularity of this creation of the Air Force.

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