How To Send A Fax To Germany

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How To Send A Fax To Germany
How To Send A Fax To Germany

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Fax is a means of communication that has become a part of our life. A fax is capable of transmitting not only text, but also a picture or various schemes. It is also convenient in that data transfer occurs almost instantly. It is not difficult and understandable to send something within one country, but how to send a fax, for example, to Germany?

How to send a fax to Germany
How to send a fax to Germany


Step 1

Send a fax over the Internet. This method is the simplest and most reliable in the modern world. High quality of transmission is ensured by the fact that the message to the server, in most cases located in the West, goes as an e-mail without losing information. Then the delivery goes through foreign communication lines that meet the highest quality standards.

Step 2

Register on one of the sites that provide services for sending faxes over the Internet. For registration, it is sometimes enough to send an empty letter to the email address of the site that sends faxes. To send a fax to Germany, you will receive your personal Internet fax number upon registration.

Step 3

Open your account. You will need an account to send the required number of faxes. Choose a subscription with the volumes you are interested in - from several faxes per month to several thousand faxes per day. Top up your account according to the chosen subscription.

Step 4

Create a fax message. Try to keep a minimum of images in your Word document. Send pictures in any of the available formats, for example, JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG. Remember that the “lighter” the picture, the faster it will go.

Step 5

Send the fax as a simple email. Check the Germany code under International Dialing Rules. Now dial: "+" - international prefix sign, Germany code - "49" and directly the fax number. For example: +49 91 12345678. Some sites have drop-down country codes - then do not type the “+” symbol.

Step 6

Check your email. You will receive a notification to your email that the fax has been sent. If the fax was not sent, a report will be sent indicating the reason for the failed attempt.

Step 7

Send a fax to multiple recipients in Germany. To do this, simply select them from your address book.

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