How To Send Mail To Germany

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How To Send Mail To Germany
How To Send Mail To Germany

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In the nineties, many ethnic Germans returned from Russia to their historical homeland, taking advantage of the resettlement program. But at the same time, many still have relatives and friends in their old place of residence, with whom they want to maintain correspondence. But not everyone knows how to properly send a letter to Germany so that it reaches them without problems.

How to send mail to Germany
How to send mail to Germany

It is necessary

  • - address of the recipient;
  • - the envelope;
  • - money to pay for postal services.


Step 1

Ask a relative or acquaintance living in Germany for the exact mailing address. In addition to the street, house and apartment numbers, you need to know the index (in Germany it consists of five digits), as well as the correct spelling of the city name and the transcription of the addressee's name.

Step 2

Decide what kind of mail you want to send the letter or parcel. Delivery by Russian Post takes a long time, while delivery systems can significantly speed up the process. But the promptness will cost the extra money.

Step 3

If you decide to send a letter by a non-state delivery service, select the one that has branches both in your city and in the recipient's locality. There are several international operators in Russia, for example, DHL and FedEx. Their pricing policy is usually similar. To send, bring a letter or a parcel to the chosen branch. Organizations will package them on site. Also, you will have to fill out a special receipt, in which you need to indicate the address and name of the recipient and your coordinates. Pay for the shipment and do not forget to receive your copy of the receipt. In some cases, a letter is assigned a special number, and you can follow its movement by checking the information on the organization's website or by phone.

Step 4

When choosing the Russian Post for sending foreign correspondence, it is better to contact the Central Post Office of your city. His employees have more experience in sending letters abroad. Select a tariff method of sending. It can be regular mail or expedited mail for an additional fee. After choosing, pay for stamps and an envelope.

Step 5

You can also send a letter by Russian Post yourself. To do this, purchase a special envelope for sending abroad, which does not require stamps, from a kiosk or post office, attach your message with it, seal it and throw it into the nearest mailbox.

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