Zemanova Veronica: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Zemanova Veronica: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Zemanova Veronica: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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In the harsh male world, it is not so easy for a woman to achieve recognition and success. Fashion model Veronica Zemanova could not imagine all the obstacles, explicit and hidden, that she would have to overcome. However, perseverance and hard work helped her to become famous.

Zemanova Veronika
Zemanova Veronika

Starting conditions

In recent years, Veronica Zemanova has been known to the target audience as an outspoken fashion model. It is difficult for an inexperienced layman who flips through a glossy magazine with photographs of half-naked women in his spare time to imagine all the subtleties of creating a beautiful picture. It is not always believed that an ordinary girl from the village can become a "beauty queen". Veronica was born on April 14, 1975. The average family at that time lived in a Czechoslovak provincial town.

The child was brought up in the traditional way. Veronika knew well how her peers live and what they dream about. At school, the future model studied well. Her favorite subjects were biology and drawing. In high school, the girl became interested in photography. When the time came to choose a profession, Zemanova decided to get a specialized education at the school of photo artists. To this end, she went to the capital and passed the entrance exams.

The path to fame

For three years Veronica has been learning the basics and subtleties of photographic art. Creative activities required significant costs. The money that parents sent was not enough for everything. Student Zemanova, who was not afraid of difficulties, regularly worked somewhere. Either a waitress in a bar or a salesman in a store. With great efforts, she managed to save up a little capital, take out a loan and purchase an expensive set of photographic equipment. Veronica opened her own photo studio.

However, Zemanova did not manage to start an independent career. Literally a few months later, all her cameras and lighting equipment were brazenly stolen from her. It is more likely that these were the intrigues of competitors. Unable to resist the circumstances, Veronica got a job as an assistant in a supernumerary studio with a meager salary. However, after a short hesitation, she met a famous photographer from Rome and began acting as a fashion model.

Professional activity

A few months after the first photo sessions, pictures of Veronica Zemanova began to appear on the covers and pages of popular magazines. In the short biography of the model, it is noted that she refused plastic surgery for a long time. In parallel with the filming, Veronica tried to perform songs from the stage. The first tests did not bring satisfaction and the desired result. But they began to invite her to the main and episodic roles in the cinema. To date, she has seven paintings to her credit.

Little is known about the personal life of the model. After a long loneliness, Veronica married one of the filmmakers. The husband and wife formalized their relationship. As practice shows, such alliances are based not on love, but on commercial considerations. Whatever it was, but the joint life continues. Zemanova continues to participate in presentations of new clothing models created by iconic couturiers.

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