What Is The Series "Wild Rose" About

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What Is The Series "Wild Rose" About
What Is The Series "Wild Rose" About

Video: What Is The Series "Wild Rose" About

Video: What Is The Series "Wild Rose" About
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The Mexican television series "Wild Rose" became one of the first foreign serial films shown on the screens of the countries of the former USSR. This so-called soap opera is the endless story of Cinderella.

What is the series "Wild Rose" about
What is the series "Wild Rose" about

In Russia, the series "Wild Rose", like other Latin American soap operas shown in the same period ("Slave Izaura", "The Rich Also Cry", "Just Maria"), enjoyed immense popularity. They were watched almost without exception and vividly discussed the events of the movie saga in shops, markets, in transport. However, not everyone had enough patience to watch all the episodes of "Wild Rose" until the end. Their number was 199 episodes.

The plot of the series

Rosa Garcia is a poor girl who lives in an impoverished neighborhood with her adoptive mother. She is a real tomboy, behaves like a boy, participates in fights and antics with her teenage friends. One day she climbs into the garden of a wealthy mansion to steal a sink. However, she is caught by the hostesses - women named Dulsina and Candida. Rosa is saved from talking to the police by their younger brother Ricardo. From that moment, Rose falls in love with him.

In the future, Rosa and Ricardo see each other from time to time, their feelings grow. However, the Ricardo sisters are opposed to this relationship due to the difference in social status. They build all sorts of intrigues to prevent the lovers from being together.

In the course of the plot twists and turns, Rosa's real parents are found - very rich people who have been looking for her for many years. Ricardo's family, meanwhile, goes bankrupt, and their house becomes the property of Rosa. The heroine marries Ricardo. She eventually manages to make friends with Candida, and Dulsina ends up in a psychiatric hospital.

Show facts

The main female role in the television series "Wild Rose" is played by Veronica Castro. At the time of filming the series, the actress, who played the 18-year-old girl, was 35 years old.

The song on the credits was performed by Veronica Castro herself.

Her partner - the performer of the role of Ricardo - was Guillermo Capetillo. Interestingly, eight years earlier, they also played the roles of mother and son (Marianne and Beto) in the TV series The Rich Also Cry.

Many actors from this series also played in another telenovela by the same director (Beatrice Sheridan) - "Just Mary".

In the course of the series, one of the heroines dies after being hit by a diesel locomotive in a car. The main villain of the series "Maria Mercedes" died in exactly the same way. Both novellas used the same black car and showed the same scene.

Alberto Alvarez novelized the series "Wild Rose" and wrote several sequels to it, in which, in addition to Rosa and Ricardo, their twin daughters appear.

A few years after Wild Rose, the Argentinean television series Wild Angel with a very similar plot was shown in Russia. Natalia Oreiro played the main role in it.

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