How To Rebuild A Church

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How To Rebuild A Church
How To Rebuild A Church

Video: How To Rebuild A Church

Video: How To Rebuild A Church
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The church is not only a place for prayer, but also a unique object of cultural and historical heritage. At the beginning of the twentieth century, a large number of churches and cathedrals were destroyed. Now the churches are being intensively restored by the efforts of local authorities and patrons of the arts.

How to rebuild a church
How to rebuild a church


Step 1

If the only church in the district was devastated and partially destroyed, and the residents of the district are forced to travel to services in neighboring churches, then feel free to start restoration work. But in this case, the financial issue becomes the main obstacle on the way. A large amount of funds will need to be raised, so look to a variety of funding sources.

Step 2

Notify the local administration about the need to rebuild the church. Do it in writing. Write a collective appeal for assistance in the restoration of the temple, which will be signed by the residents of the area.

Step 3

Seek blessings and assistance from the local diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church. As an administrative-territorial unit, the management of a regional diocese can take over part of the formal procedures.

Step 4

Be sure to consult with local lore and historians. If the destroyed church is a historical monument, then you can receive part of the funds for its restoration from the Ministry of Culture of your region.

Step 5

If this church was built in honor of a saint who patronizes a certain type of activity, then contact the representatives of this circle of professions with a request to provide all possible help. For example, if you want to restore the Church of St. Panteleimon the Healer, then attract doctors to help, and if the Church of St. George the Victorious - the military and law enforcement officers.

Step 6

Open a bank account to collect donations. Issue electronic accounts in popular Internet systems (WebMoney, Yandex-money, RBK Money, etc.). Most people (especially young people) find it more convenient to donate in online currency.

Step 7

Be sure to create a site dedicated to the restoration of the temple. It is necessary to demonstrate the progress of work, attract new enthusiasts and benefactors, to post props.

Step 8

Order piggy banks in the shape of a future church and install them in crowded places (having previously coordinated your actions with the owners of large stores, entertainment complexes).

Step 9

Pay special attention to informational support of the project. If there are advertising agency owners among the sponsors, contact them with a request to place banners with information about the destroyed church and the help needed.

Step 10

Remember that many people who sincerely want to help cannot make a significant financial contribution to this noble cause, but they can help with their work. Do not reject such help. Choose from among the volunteers a person who will coordinate the work of these volunteer workers, and the matter will immediately get off the ground.

Step 11

But keep in mind that building walls, rebuilding the roof is only half the job. The main difficulty is the restoration of the interior decoration of the church. Restoring ancient frescoes is an extremely expensive procedure, so pay special attention to finding an artist among the volunteers. At the same time, remember that a person who takes up painting of church walls must be not only a skilled painter, but also a church-going person who has received a blessing for this charitable work.