What Is The Series "At Risk" About

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What Is The Series "At Risk" About
What Is The Series "At Risk" About

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At Risk is a Russian crime drama, a detective television series about the everyday life of a special police department that specializes in finding fugitive criminals.

What is the series "At risk" about
What is the series "At risk" about


The Russian crime television series At Risk is the result of the work of many talented professionals. The film was directed by Vladimir Kott, famous not only in Russia, but also abroad. The script for the film belongs to Igor Torotko and Mikhail Sokolovsky, who have extensive experience in creating serials. The premiere of the first episode of the film took place in 2012.

The main role in the film was played by Evgeny Sidikhin. The role of the chief of the protagonist is played by Oleg Chernov, known for the television series "Sea Devils".

The series consists of 16 episodes.

Story line

As long as prisons exist and operate, there will always be people who can escape from them. Typically, these criminals are serious professionals who pose a serious threat to society. Catching such villains, it turns out, is beyond the power of ordinary operatives. But there is a special group to search for fugitive bandits. This team is headed by Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Demidov (Evgeny Sidikhin), a professional of the highest class.

Recently, the main character went through a black streak in his life. It all starts with the death of Sergey's favorite team. This happens during the capture of a dangerous criminal. In addition, the hero learns that his wife is unfaithful to him. She cheated on Sergei with his close friend and boss Lebedev. Thus, one day the main character loses close friends and leaves the family. But Sergei is not used to giving up, and he returns to his favorite job.

Demidov was forced to resume management of his department with three new subordinates. The first of them is Major Vadim Nepogoda (Alexey Kravchenko). This man is always ready to help, cover his comrade's back, lend a helping hand. The second member of the new team is a girl named Marina Govorova (Natalia Rychkova). She not only perfectly negotiates, but also skillfully shoots a pistol. The third subordinate is a technical genius and a master of computer technology Denis Tavardin (Yuri Borisov).

Each episode tells a separate story from the life and practice of the protagonist, as well as his new team.

Demidov's impressions of the new team are not very happy. But literally after the first joint business, it becomes clear that these guys can be real professionals, and most importantly - a well-coordinated team. Each of the team members has his own role, the very place in which he is literally irreplaceable.

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