How To Call Psychiatric Help

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How To Call Psychiatric Help
How To Call Psychiatric Help

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Psychiatric care is a very demanded service today in various life situations. Calling for psychiatric help must be timely. If you understand that you or someone close to you need the help of a specialist, do not postpone the call, take care of the health and safety of your loved ones.

How to call psychiatric help
How to call psychiatric help

It is necessary

  • - telephone;
  • - the telephone number of the mental health service.


Step 1

Before calling for psychiatric help, arrange it with the person who needs it, so as not to violate their rights. The exception is cases when the patient's condition causes fear and poses a threat to his life and the lives of others, and the patient's mind is clouded.

Step 2

Make sure you are looking for mental health care and not any other type of medical care. The need for urgent psychiatric care is experienced by a separate group of patients: patients who are in a manic state, patients with seizures, with a severe form of depression, patients with various impairments of consciousness and perception of the surrounding reality.

Step 3

If one of the above points is exactly your case, immediately call for psychiatric help. When you wait for the operator's answer, give all the necessary information by phone.

Step 4

What is the phone number from which the call to specialists is made. After that, indicate the last name, first name, patronymic; floor; the patient's age; circumstances that forced the call for psychiatric help; the actions you have taken; the address where the patient is located; your last name, first name and patronymic.

Step 5

If the patient behaves very aggressively and can harm his life or the lives of others by his behavior, call the police and psychiatric help at the same time. Probably, the police will arrive at the scene faster and will be able to keep the patient until the doctors arrive.

Step 6

If the patient is suicidal, see a psychotherapist or call for psychiatric help. Such cases should always be taken very seriously, even if you understand that the threat of suicide is just a way to manipulate others.

Step 7

When calling psychiatric help, give the most clear and complete information about the patient, do not hide anything. This will help professionals correctly diagnose the mental disorder and find the most appropriate treatment for it.

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