Golubovich Mikhail Vasilievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Golubovich Mikhail Vasilievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Golubovich Mikhail Vasilievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Golubovich Mikhail Vasilievich - a legendary personality, a talented actor who gave us his game in "Walking Through the Torments" and "How the Steel Was Tempered"

Golubovich Mikhail Vasilievich
Golubovich Mikhail Vasilievich

Mikhail Golubovich, the director of the Luhansk Music and Drama Theater, is known as a legendary person. He is known not only as a talented actor, but also as a man with courage and strong civic stance. His work was highly appreciated by the title of People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR.

How it all began

Misha Golubovich was born into a large family in the Ukrainian town of Zolotonosha in 1942. His older brothers and father fought at the front. At school age, Mikhail actively participated in amateur performances, trying to portray wartime heroes on stage. After leaving school, Mikhail Golubovich tried to enter theater institutes. These attempts were unsuccessful. He began his studies at the Odessa University at the Faculty of Philology, but quickly realized that this direction of activity did not suit him. The young man dropped out of school and went to work at a factory in his hometown. There he worked in various specialties for three years. He mastered the specialties of a blacksmith, hammer. However, three years later he entered the Kiev Theater Institute.

Stages of study and career growth

Studying at the university was quite difficult. The guy was too tight. Rhythm, movement, dances were difficult. There was a question about his expulsion, but he did not give up. Fellow students supported him and these problems were resolved. After graduating from the university, Mikhail was assigned to Czechoslovakia, to the Preškovsky Ukrainian Theater, but due to impending events in Czechoslovakia, he was not able to go there. Mikhail was at a crossroads when he was invited to work in the Lugansk theater, and at the same time in the first film. It so happened that his entire artistic career was connected with this theater. To this day, he runs this theater.

The Music and Drama Theater is actively developing, it goes on tour. His play "Crucified Youth" is also known outside Ukraine. Without leaving the theater, Mikhail Golubovich, from 1996 to 2008, worked as the head of the Department of Culture and Arts of the Luhansk region. For his active work in administrative work, he was elected an honorary citizen of the Luhansk region.

For the first time, Mikhail Golubovich gained fame in the cinema, after the role of the ataman of the White Guard gang in the film "Commissars" by Nikolai Mashchenko. This was followed by Artem in the television series "How the Steel Was Tempered", Karpenko in "Duma about Kovpak", Sorokin in the film "Walking Through the Torment". In "Duma about Taras Bulba" he played the role of Taras Bulba. In the film "Brothel Lights" directed by Alexander Gordon played the role of Wilhelm.

Briefly about personal

Very little is known about the actor's personal life. Perhaps because he suffered a great tragedy associated with the death during the filming of his son, who was only 28 years old.

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