Tom Wilkinson: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Tom Wilkinson: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Tom Wilkinson: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Tom Wilkinson is a British film and theater actor. Awarded with the Order of the British Empire. For Best Supporting Actor in Male Striptease and John Adams Miniseries, he won a BAFTA and an Emmy. In the same nomination he was awarded the Golden Globe for his work in the mini-series John Adams. He was nominated for an Oscar several times.

Tom Wilkinson: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Tom Wilkinson: biography, creativity, career, personal life

For Thomas Jeffrey Wilkinson, it is common for him to shoot four films a year. Only at the very beginning of his career he had one project each. The result is the same in terms of premiums. In 2018, the actor received 11 out of 54 possible prizes.

The beginning of the road to success

The biography of the future actor began in 1948. He was born on February 5 in Leeds in a family of farmers Thomas and Marjorie. The boy did not like his middle name, given to differ from his father. The reason for the hostility was the famous namesake, chemist, Nobel Prize winner.

As soon as the child was four, his parents moved to Canada. The family returned again to English Cornwall. There, the adults started running a local pub.

The headmistress, schoolboy Tom, has always been noted for his amazing artistic ability. However, the laziness of the student turned out to be no less outstanding. For the transition of a talented child to the next stage of development, Molly Soudon organized literary evenings.

In one of them, Wilkinson, when asked about his future career in the theater, replied that he was applying for a special prize, the “Merit” award. Ambitious aspirations were realized. In 2005, the artist received the Order of the British Empire.

Tom Wilkinson: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Tom Wilkinson: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Thomas received further education at the University of Kent. A student with a doctorate graduated from the training. Then I studied at RADA. Both Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton have already left this institution. The aspiring artist shone on the stage of The National Theater, The Oxford Playhouse and The Royal Shakespeare Company. He played both King Lear and Hamlet.

Film career

The beginning of the film biography was 1976. His characters suffered from ambition and emotional depression. However, the actor became famous after the premiere in 1997 of the comedy "Male Striptease". The film tells the story of six men who, after losing their jobs, were forced to engage in erotic dances with a very frank ending. The work received many nominations for the most prestigious awards, and Wilkinson was awarded a BAFTA.

In the melodramatic film "Oscar and Lucinda" the young man played Cate Blanchett, in "Wilde" Jude Law became his partner. After the movie "Shakespeare in Love", Tom again became the owner of the BAFTA.

Both the expressive appearance and talent contributed to the brilliant transformation on the screen into heroes. Among the characters, there were billionaires, generals, and politicians. The villains were equally impressive. Tom flatly refused to participate in The Lord of the Rings. The reason was the long separation from the family. But the shooting of "Belle" took place near the house. Therefore, the performer happily agreed to the role.

The artist's works include Batman Begins, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Rock and Roll Man, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Lone Ranger, and Emily Rose's Six Demons ". His painting "Selma" won an Oscar. Two years later, the coveted statuette was awarded to the artist for his work in the film Snowden. The artist "presented" his voice to the heroes of two video games.

Tom Wilkinson: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Tom Wilkinson: biography, creativity, career, personal life

In an interview, Wilkinson admitted that he could not recognize either Julia Roberts or Madonna when they met. But I experienced tremendous sensations when climbing the carpet.

Family and work

The artist was in no hurry to equip his personal life. Tom married at 40. His colleague Diana Hardcastle became his chosen one. The acquaintance took place during the filming of "The First Among Equals". Together, the performers played in the films The Marigold Hotel and The Kennedy Clan. The novel gradually grew into a real feeling, the lovers became husband and wife.

The family has two daughters. The eldest, Alice, was born in 1989, her younger sister Molly was born in 1992. The girl got her name in honor of her father's school teacher. The type of activity chosen by both of Tom's heirs is unknown to the press. But the mother has repeatedly admitted that she really does not want the children to become artists.

The happy family life of the acting couple, according to Wilkinson, is made by mutual understanding and complete trust. The couple decided on the pearl wedding anniversary to re-vow each other at an official ceremony.

In 2009, the actor played Howard Tully in Nothing Personal. In the story, the main characters are ex-intelligence agents Ray Koval and Claire Stenwick. Both work for large rival corporations as spies. The tasks of the former employees of government agencies is to keep the commercial secrets of their receipt of secret data on the work of the enemy's company. Both are able to use not ordinary skills to achieve the goal.

Tom Wilkinson: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Tom Wilkinson: biography, creativity, career, personal life

The only catch is that you have to use clever tricks on top of each other. And Ray and Claire were romantic even before their new job began. Love turns into additional intrigue.

New plans

In 2018, the new film "The Happy Prince" was shown for the first time. In it, Wilkinson reincarnated as Dunn's father. The film was named after the work of the writer. The plot tells about the final years of Wilde's life. The writer fought the disease with a sense of humor and endless irony. The film was shown at the Berlin Film Festival.

In the same period, the artist starred in the comedy action movie "You will die or we will return your money." Before the fans, he appeared in the form of one of the main characters, Leslie. According to the plot, the life of a young writer is not going the way it was in his dreams.

He is constantly haunted by failure. William decides to end the torture. The young man decides to contact the "Guild of Assassins" to hire a hitman for himself.

Good-natured Leslie is sent on a mission. The management has long been impatient to part with such an agent. It is not known whether the writer will be able to painlessly part with life at the most unexpected moment. If the killer fails to kill the client, he must return the money. The killer dreams of proving his professional aptitude, and William, meanwhile, falls in love with life again.

Tom Wilkinson: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Tom Wilkinson: biography, creativity, career, personal life

The artist decides whether or not to accept the directors' proposal with the help of intuition. He asks questions that are completely unrelated to either the director's name, or the amount of the fee, or the plot of the future film.

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