How To Order A Statement

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How To Order A Statement
How To Order A Statement

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If it becomes necessary to issue a license, open a bank current account, obtain ownership of a certain object, confirm the legal status of a legal entity or obtain information about a counterparty, you will need an extract issued by the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE). The process of obtaining it requires some investment of time and money.

How to order a statement
How to order a statement

It is necessary

Request in writing, original receipt of paid state fee


Step 1

Make an application to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities with a request to provide an extract. Enter the name of the company about which information is being collected. In addition to the name for the legal entity, specify the TIN or OGRN in the request. For information about a private entrepreneur, write in the application his full name and number during registration. Indicate how you will pick up the prepared statement. Leave in the request the address to which the result will be sent. If you come to get the statement in person, make a note in the application.

Step 2

Pay for the service. To make a payment, check the bank details on the website of the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate of your region. Transfer the money according to the details of the inspection to which the application is sent. When choosing a payment method, give preference to a current account. Do not instruct an employee of the company to complete the transfer using a regular Sberbank receipt. If a request is submitted for several statements at the same time, indicate in the "Purpose of payment" field the number of statements that you pay.

Step 3

Submit your application and payment slip to the appropriate inspectorate. If you want to speed up the process, take the papers to the inspection yourself. If you are ready to wait, send the documents by mail. For their safety, issue a registered letter.

Step 4

Collect the prepared statement within 5 days after the inspector receives your application.

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