All About Sati Casanova: Biography And Personal Life

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All About Sati Casanova: Biography And Personal Life
All About Sati Casanova: Biography And Personal Life

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Sati Casanova is a well-known personality in the world of show business, an oriental beauty with a pleasant voice.

All about Sati Casanova: biography and personal life
All about Sati Casanova: biography and personal life


Sati (real name Satanei) Casanova was born on October 2, 1982 in Kabardino-Balkaria. Her family is Muslim, her father is a private entrepreneur, her mother is a doctor by education. Sati has three younger sisters.

The future singer studied at a rural school until, at the age of twelve, she moved to Nalchik with her family. Here the girl began to study vocals in the House of Children's Art.


After the ninth grade, Sati entered the Kabardino-Balkarian School of Culture and Arts. But in Nalchik, the girl felt cramped, and she went to conquer Moscow. She was admitted to the evening department of the Gnessin Academy, and the difficult life of a provincial woman began in the capital.

Sati wandered around rented apartments and barely earned a living. Parents did not have the opportunity to help her, and they did not really approve of what their daughter was doing. The culprit was Sati's overly revealing outfits and her immodest behavior by Muslim standards.

Sati did not graduate from the Gnessin Academy, and later graduated as a theater actress.

Star Factory

Everything changed at the moment when Sati decided to take part in the "Star Factory" project. This program made famous Sati Kazanova and her friends Alexandra Savelyeva and Irina Toneva, who together formed the Fabrika group. For eight years this girlish group delighted the Russian audience, especially its male half. The girls sang unobtrusive music and performed in very revealing outfits. The producer of the project was Igor Matvienko.

Solo career

Eight years after Star Factory, Sati began her solo career. The same Igor Matvienko helped her in this. Success accompanied the singer in this endeavor, she managed to win several music awards, including the Golden Gramophone. Rumor has it that Sati has a beautiful voice.

Casanova also participated in several television projects and was involved in charity work. But here not everything was as smooth as in the music. That there is only one statement of the singer about "crooked and oblique children" who should not be helped.

Personal life

Sati Casanova is credited with having affairs with many men. All her chosen ones are united by one quality - they are all very influential and wealthy. Not so long ago, Sati enthusiastically told the press about an affair with a married man who did a lot for her, including giving her an apartment in Moscow and a luxurious car.

However, Sati is married to a simple photographer of Italian origin Stefano Tiozzo. The wedding was played according to Muslim traditions, Sati was in a beautiful white dress. It is gratifying that traditions are sacredly honored by this devout Muslim girl.

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