How To Identify A Scammer

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How To Identify A Scammer
How To Identify A Scammer

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“Ah, it's not difficult to deceive me! I'm glad to be deceived myself! " - once exclaimed the great classic. But it doesn't make it easier for people who have fallen victim to a scammer. They are completely sincerely perplexed: "How could I be so gullible?" They scold the present time, the decline of morals, the government. They curse evil fate and almost immediately, with some manic stubbornness, fall for the bait of another Ostap Bender. Sometimes giving him the last money saved up for a "rainy day". So how can you not find yourself in a similar situation? How to identify a fraudster in a timely manner?

How to identify a scammer
How to identify a scammer


Step 1

Remember that any scammer is a subtle psychologist. He unmistakably recognizes the "weak point" of a potential victim. He knows how to "drive up" a lonely gullible pensioner, how to attract the attention of a naive young married couple, how to become a best friend and get into the trust of some "unrecognized genius" with exorbitant aplomb. And for this, he first of all needs some information about him. Therefore, if a casual acquaintance is trying to "spin" you into a frank conversation, to find out as much as possible about you, this is already a reason to be wary and carefully evaluate your opponent. Ask yourself a simple question: "Why does he need this at all?" And resist the temptation to answer: "This is because I am so smart, interesting and talented!", "This is because I am so beautiful and prominent!" Here, vigilance will definitely not hurt.

Step 2

If you are offered (of course, on the most favorable and exclusive terms!) Some kind of money deal or participation in a "financial pyramid" - think not three, but thirty-three times! Especially if they promise "mountains of gold" and money in sacks. This is almost certainly a real scam. Remember the old wise rule: free cheese is only in a mousetrap. And in any case, do not be afraid to offend a “good person” with your refusal! If he is really good, he will understand everything correctly and will not be offended. If a swindler - so he needs it.

Step 3

Often remember the sensational stories with "MMM", "Khoper-Invest", "Tibet" and other companies to which gullible fellow citizens have entrusted their considerable savings. This will help you protect yourself from bitter disappointment when another "ringing nightingale" appears on the threshold of your apartment, promising a fabulously profitable profit.

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