Which Country In The World Is The Most Drinking

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Which Country In The World Is The Most Drinking
Which Country In The World Is The Most Drinking

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Today, the use of alcoholic beverages is widespread almost throughout the world, despite the two and a half million deaths it causes each year. The latest data allow us to make a ranking of countries by the amount of alcohol consumed per capita.

Which country in the world is the most drinking
Which country in the world is the most drinking

Drunkenness in Russia

Contrary to stereotypes, Russia is by no means the world leader in alcohol consumption. The level of alcohol consumption per capita is even falling at the moment. This is due both to the anti-alcohol measures taken by the state over the past few years, and to the increase in the number of Muslims in Russia who are prohibited from drinking alcohol by faith. Our country is not even included in the top ten, ranking only 16th in terms of alcohol consumption per capita.

Russia is traditionally considered one of the most drinking countries in the world. Along with the balalaika and the bear, among the symbols of Russia, according to foreigners, is vodka - the Russian national drink.

Alcohol rating of countries

The top 20 most drinking countries in the world, according to WHO, looks like this at the moment: Austria has 20th place, where they drink 13, 24 liters of ethanol per year per capita. Meanwhile, the 19th position was taken by Slovakia with 13.33 liters. Great Britain and Denmark are tied for 18th in this dubious competition. Poland is in 17th place (13, 25 liters), Russia is in 16th (13, 50).

Alcohol, along with other psychoactive substances, has been used by humans since primitive times. At first, it was part of shamanic rituals, then it began to be used for recreational purposes, as an appetite stimulant and antiseptic.

The top ten also did not make it to France, Ireland (like Russia, which has earned fame as a drinking country), Portugal and South Korea with 13, 66, 14, 41, 14, 55 and 14, 80 liters, respectively. The ten most active consumers of strong drink include Lithuania (15.03 liters per year), Croatia (15, 11), Belarus (15, 13), Slovenia (15, 19), Romania (15, 30), Andorra (15, 48), Estonia (15, 57) and Ukraine (15, 60). The top three were Hungary (16, 27), Czech Republic (16, 45) and Moldova (18, 22).

Figures and reality

These figures, however, do not mean that the problem of alcoholism is less acute in countries where they consume fewer liters per year per person, and more acute among leaders in absolute consumption. For example, in the Czech Republic, which is in second place, a large percentage of the population drinks, but relatively few abuse alcohol. The most favorite drink of the Czechs, as you know, is beer. Countries such as Russia, France and the United Kingdom have fewer liters per capita, but spirits are very popular. In addition, in these states, there is a fairly large percentage of non-drinking Muslims for religious reasons, while the amount of alcohol consumed is calculated based on the total population. Thus, not everyone drinks here, but those who drink are prone to abuse.

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