Russian Singer Nikita Malinin: Biography, Family And Career

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Russian Singer Nikita Malinin: Biography, Family And Career
Russian Singer Nikita Malinin: Biography, Family And Career

Video: Russian Singer Nikita Malinin: Biography, Family And Career

Video: Russian Singer Nikita Malinin: Biography, Family And Career
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Nikita Malinin is the son of the famous singer Alexander Malinin. He gained fame thanks to his participation in the "Star Factory - 3" project. Nikita quickly became the idol of many girls. His composition "Kitten" for a long time occupied the leading positions of the charts.

Nikita Malinin
Nikita Malinin

Childhood, adolescence

Nikita Malinin was born in Moscow. Since childhood, the boy wanted to become as famous as his father. Nikita's mother was a violinist in the Singing Guitars group. The father left them when Nikita was 2 years old. Alexander married Olga Zarubina, and then left her to Emma Zalukaeva.

Nikita lived with his mother, grandmother and grandfather in a small apartment, went to a regular school. Later, her mother left the ensemble and began working as a music teacher. When Nikita was 14 years old, she married again. The boy saw his father quite rarely. Grandfather was involved in raising the child a lot, Nikita still remembers him with love.

As a child, the boy wanted to become a policeman, but fate decreed otherwise. His mother took six-year-old Nikita to a music school, where he mastered the guitar. The boy studied reluctantly, but loved to sing. At the age of 11, Nikita performed on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater, playing a chick. In 1998 the young man joined the Oho-ho group, where he played the guitar.


At the age of 17, Nikita began to live separately from his parents, began to work in a team with his father. It was a good school for a young guy. Nikita saw the first issues of "Star Factory" and dreamed of getting on the project. In 2003 he successfully passed the casting. His famous father knew nothing about this.

To participate in the project, Nikita introduced himself to the producers as Malinin, his real name is Vyguzov. As a child from a famous family, he became a target for gossip on the project. But thanks to his talent and perseverance, Nikita overcame everything and won the final of the project, which made him popular.

Songs performed by Nikita Malinin sound on radio, music channels. The composition "Kitten" occupied the leading positions of the charts for half a year. Later Malinin began to write songs himself, recorded the album "Flash in the Night".

In 2005 Nikita took part in the World Best competition. Malinin writes songs not only for himself, but also for other performers, he collaborated with Dominik Joker, Boris Moiseev, singer Slava. Nikita also had experience of filming in films, he was invited to play a role in the film "Three Sisters".

Personal life

Nice Nikita Malinin has never lacked fans. Many believed that he was dating Maria Weber (another member of "Star Factory - 3"), as they sang the song "First Date" together. However, the duo was created by the producers of the project.

Malinin is married, his beloved name is Natalya. They have known each other for a very long time, since childhood. Nikita was in love with Natalia in the 9th grade, she is 2 years older than him. In 2008, the couple got married, before that they lived in a civil marriage. The journalists learned that the couple had a boy.

Nikita loves beautiful things, prefers Russian, Japanese cuisine in food, knows how to cook well. In his free time he is fond of snowboarding.

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