Ignatieva Valentina Vasilievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Ignatieva Valentina Vasilievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Ignatieva Valentina Vasilievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Valentina Ignatieva, possessing excellent vocal skills, began to sing in the orchestra of the famous L. Utesov. Then she happened to work in other musical groups. But over time, Ignatieva preferred to work on the stage of the theater over a career as a singer. Valentina Vasilievna also has work in the film industry. The actress has been passing on her life experience and skills to students for many years: she is also a high-class teacher.

Valentina Vasilievna Ignatieva
Valentina Vasilievna Ignatieva

From the biography of Valentina Ignatieva

The future actress and teacher was born in Kalinin (now the city of Tver) on January 15, 1949.

From an early age, her parents instilled in Valya a love of theater and music. At the age of five, the girl was already mastering the violin at the local music school. Having matured, she played on the stage of one of the children's theaters in her native Kalinin. This predetermined the choice of life path: upon completion of schooling, Valentina without hesitation submitted an application and documents to the capital "Pike", directly to the course of Y. Katina-Yartsev. But the first attempt to break into the world of theatrical art ended in failure for the girl.

Education and career

The second attempt took place a year later. As a result, Valentina Vasilievna received her professional education in the studio of pop art (she graduated from her studies in 1970). By profession Ignatieva is an artist of the spoken and vocal genres. L. Maslyukov became the head of Ignatieva. Already in the 80s, Valentina studied at GITIS, mastering the specialty of director of festivities and theatrical performances.

At the very beginning of the 70s, Ignatieva performed as part of a pop orchestra led by Utesov. It is interesting that the master himself noticed a talented performer and asked the commission of the university to be assigned to his team. Then Ignatieva worked with the ensembles "Three times three", "Lada", "Solnechnaya korona", "Merry guys". Valentina happened to be the soloist of the Mosconcert.

Ignatieva combined her career as a soloist with work in the theaters "Modern", "At Nikitskiye Vorota", the Moscow Entreprise Theater.

In cinema, Ignatieva's debut was the role in the 1978 movie "The Velvet Season", where she splendidly played Liz Bradveri. Among other works in the cinema, one should name the films "The Imaginary Sick", "Cherkizon", "The Head of the Classic". Valentina Vasilievna performed several parts of a vocal character in animated films and in films.

Valentina Vasilievna has solid experience in teaching in the theater. For more than a decade and a half, Ignatieva has been teaching directing at the Moscow Institute of Culture, as well as at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Theatrical and teaching experience helped her work on the book, where she tells about her career.

Personal life of the actress

The first spouse of Valentina was the actor Valery Dolzhenkov: they met while working on one of the productions. The marriage soon ended in divorce, the spouses did not have common children. After that, there was a short but stormy romance with Mikael Tariverdiev.

The second marriage - with Mikhail Faibushevich - was civil. The result of the relationship was the birth of a daughter, Inga, who also became an actress. This union was followed by several more romantic stories. Valentina's third husband is Viktor Koreshkov, who had already been married to N. Gundareva before. The couple had a son, who was named Ivan. The younger Koreshkov at first also wanted to link his fate with theatrical art, but became a priest.

The actress lives in the capital of Russia.

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