How Is The Inauguration Of The President

How Is The Inauguration Of The President
How Is The Inauguration Of The President

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The inauguration is the solemn ceremony of the inauguration of the President of Russia. The main attributes of this ceremony are the oath, anthem, keynote speech and raising the national flag over the Kremlin. According to the law, the inauguration procedure takes place six years after the previous President took office. If there were repeated elections, the ceremony will begin on the 30th day after the announcement of the official voting results. By the way, there is no such law in which the inauguration would be clearly scheduled.

How is the inauguration of the President
How is the inauguration of the President


Step 1

The solemn ceremony traditionally begins at noon and lasts at least an hour. A few minutes before the appointed time, the motorcade of the future President enters the Grand Kremlin Palace through the front Spassky Gate. With the first strike of the chimes, the future head of state will enter the Andreevsky Hall through the Georgievsky and Aleksandrovsky Halls, and then rise to the podium.

Step 2

Previously, the standard and the State flag are brought into the Andreevsky Hall. There is a special protocol by which their exact location on the stage is determined (with an accuracy of a centimeter). In addition, the President of the Constitutional Court places on the rostrum where the oath is taken, the Sign of the President and the Constitution. The chairmen of both chambers of parliament will also rise to the podium behind the chairman.

Step 3

At this time, guests of honor will already be in the Andreevsky Hall. In total, about two thousand people receive invitations to the Kremlin for the inauguration ceremony. They will take places in the Alexander and Georgievsky halls. However, the event “in all its glory” can be seen, perhaps, only by TV viewers, who can broadcast from all halls and from different viewing angles.

Step 4

The future head of state must pronounce the text of the presidential oath, putting his right hand on the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Immediately after that, the President of the Constitutional Court will announce that the new President has taken office and will hand him the symbols of power. The national anthem will sound in the hall, and the standard of the head of state will be raised over the Kremlin.

Step 5

As already noted, the President receives symbols of power, there are three of them in total: the Sign, the standard and the Constitution (the standard is, as a rule, in the office, but on trips it follows along with the head of state). The badge is a gold cross with the coat of arms of Russia. The item is covered with ruby ​​enamel and attached to a gold chain. On the reverse side of the cross, the motto is carved: "Benefit, honor and glory."

Step 6

There is also an "inaugural" copy of the Basic Law, but only in a single copy. It was made in 1996 by the decree of the first President of Russia (before Boris Yeltsin entered the second term). This edition is bound in dark red leather and embossed in gold. Now it is kept in the Kremlin, in the library of the President of the Russian Federation.

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