Mazhimel Benoit: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Mazhimel Benoit: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Mazhimel Benoit: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Mazhimel Benoit: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Mazhimel Benoit: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Majimel Benoit is a charismatic French film actor. He began his career as a child and continues to work in films to this day. His most famous role is the role of Walter in the cult drama Michael Haneke "The Pianist".

Mazhimel Benoit: biography, career, personal life
Mazhimel Benoit: biography, career, personal life

Early years and first film roles

Mazhimel Benoit was born in Paris in 1974. His parents had nothing to do with the world of cinema, his father was an ordinary bank employee, and his mother was a nurse.

At the age of twelve, after reading an ad in the newspaper, he came to the casting and was immediately taken to one of the key roles in the comedy Life is a Long Calm River (directed by Etienne Chatilier). This comedy, which tells the story of two boys mixed up in a maternity hospital and raised in strange families, was to the liking of critics and in the end was able to win four Cesars (this is the most prestigious French film award).

Then Magimel starred in Christina Lipinski's 1989 comedy "Daddy is gone, Mommy too." In 1993, he took part in another Lipinski film - in the drama "The Stolen Notebook", which tells about the years of the Second World War.

Then there were several more filming on TV and in the cinema, but a real major success awaited Mazhimel in 1996, when Andre Teshin's crime tape "Thieves" was released. Here Magimel appeared as Jimmy Fontana. For this work, he was nominated for the Cesar Award (in the category "Best Beginner Actor").

Further career

In 1999 Magimel Benoit played the eccentric romantic writer Alfred de Musset in the historical film Children of the Century. And in 2000 he appeared in the image of the vain monarch Louis XIV in the musical drama The King Dances. It is interesting that in the process of preparing for this role, the actor spent several months at the ballet barre, studying the dance art of the Baroque era.

In 2001, Michael Haneke invited him to his film The Pianist. Here he played Walter Klemmer, an amateur musician who tries to seduce a lonely 40-year-old pianist Erika Kohut (played by Isabelle Huppert). The film was a resounding success around the world and won the main award at the Cannes Film Festival. The play of both Isabelle Huppert and Magimel Benoit was highly praised by critics.

Then Magimel starred in two films by the French filmmaker Claude Chabrol - "The Flower of Evil" and "Bridesmaid". And in 2005 Magimel took part in Gerard Pires' adventure film "Knights of the Sky".

In 2008, Mazhimel played the leading role in the thriller of the Franco-Japanese production "Inju, the beast in the shadows", which allowed him to gain some popularity in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Over the past ten years, the actor, as before, has starred in films of various genres (dramas, comedies, action films, etc.). As an example, here we can name such films with his participation as "Little Secrets" (2009), "Special Forces" (2011), "For a Woman" (2013), "Young Blood" (2015), "Carbon" (2017).

Personal life

From 1999 to 2003, Benois Magimel had a romantic relationship with the film actress Juliette Binoche (they met during the filming of the film Children of the Century). They have a joint child - daughter Anna (born in 1991).

After parting with Juliet, the famous actor met a new love - the actress Nikita Lespinasse. They were together for eight whole years. In 2011, Nikita's daughter Ginina was born from Mazhimel. But ultimately this novel also came to an end (it happened in 2015). It is interesting that Benoit did not formalize his relationship with any of his lovers. And today the actor is still a bachelor.

Magimel Benoit lives in his native Paris.