Saat Beren: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Saat Beren: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Saat Beren: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Saat Beren: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Saat Beren: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Beren Saat is a Turkish actress, known not only in her homeland, but far beyond its borders. Popularity came to Saat after the release of the TV series Forbidden Love. Then she played alongside Monica Bellucci in the drama Season of the Rhinos. In 2015, she got the main role in the "Magnificent Century" project.

Beren Saat
Beren Saat

Biography Beren began after winning the competition for young actors, held on Turkish television. The girl immediately got a small role in the television series "The Romance of Death".

Today Saat is one of the most famous actresses, who was given the name "Diamond of Turkey".

Beren has a huge number of Turkish cinematographic awards for her roles in films: "Remember my beloved", "The Pain of Autumn", "Forbidden Love", "Magnificent Age".

In 2013, the actress won the People of the Year award and received the Woman of the Year title. In 2016, Beren was named Best Arab Cinema Actress, receiving one of the most prestigious Murex D'or awards. This award is awarded only to the most famous and successful actors. The awards ceremony took place in Beirut.

early years

The girl was born in Turkey in the winter of 1984. Her father was a professional athlete and her mother was a high school physical education teacher.

Parents dreamed that their daughter would also start playing sports professionally and build a sports career. But Beren from early childhood was carried away by creativity and decided that she would certainly become a famous actress.

Beren began to study music and vocals, enrolling in a music school. She took part in many competitions for young performers and more than once became a winner.

In addition to music lessons, the girl began to attend a theater studio. Two years later, she took second place in the competition for young talents.

After graduating from school, Beren decided to continue her education at the university, choosing a specialty in management. But the dream of an acting career did not leave her. Therefore, she took part in a television competition, after which she received her first role on television.

Film career

The debut role of the young actress immediately attracted the attention of viewers and filmmakers to her. The famous producer T. Giritlioglu at that time started his new project "Love and Hate" and was looking for an actress to play the main role. Saat received an offer to audition, and soon she was already approved for the role of the main character Zilan.

Beren got her next roles in the TV series Remember, Beloved, European Spring, and in the feature film The Pain of Autumn.

Real success came to the young actress after the release of the film Forbidden Love, where she played along with famous Turkish actors.

The girl brilliantly coped with the task, demonstrating her acting talent. For this work, Beren was awarded the Golden Butterfly Prize. The picture received recognition not only in Turkey, but also outside the country, because it was shown on the screens of twenty countries.

Another success awaited Beren after the release of the film "What is Fatmagul's fault?" She again brilliantly played the role of the main character, for which she received fourteen different film awards. The painting has been purchased for television broadcast by dozens of countries.

In the 2000s, Beren took up voice acting for cartoon characters. Characters of animated films spoke in her voice: "Minions", "Toy Story 3", "Brave at heart".

In 2015, the actress was invited to the main role in the project "The Magnificent Century: Kyosem Sultan". She participated in filming for two seasons. But then she left the series, stating that she wanted to devote herself entirely to her family.

Personal life

Even in her youth, Beren met for a long time with a young man named Efe. It was he who literally forced the girl to start an acting career. Unfortunately, Efe died tragically in a car accident. Beren believes that the young man was the love of her whole life and, if not for the tragedy, they would definitely get married.

In 2007, Beren began dating actor Bulent Inal. Their relationship lasted two years, but the couple eventually broke up.

Beren was credited with many novels with famous Turkish performers, but mostly these were just rumors.

Singer Kenan Dogulu became Saat's husband in 2014. Viewers know him from his performance in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007.

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