What Are The Harbingers Of The End Of The World

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What Are The Harbingers Of The End Of The World
What Are The Harbingers Of The End Of The World

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People have been expecting the end of the world for centuries. The specific dates of this event are called prophets; many people are afraid and worried about it. In fact, both the Orthodox Bible and the Muslim Koran do not name the exact date of the end of the world. The Bible says on this score: “No one knows about that day and hour, not the angels of heaven, but only My Father” (Matthew 24:36).

What are the harbingers of the end of the world
What are the harbingers of the end of the world

The Bible: portents of the end of the world

In the "Revelations of John the Theologian" the future end of the world is referred to as the Apocalypse, which in Greek means "revelation", "revelation." The book describes the events that, according to John the Theologian, will precede the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Each harbinger of the future doomsday will appear in due time. All of them will be accompanied by a number of phenomena unusual for people: heavenly fire will appear, the dead will be resurrected, angels will descend to Earth. The visions given to John from God revealed the birth of the Antichrist, the subsequent second coming of Jesus Christ, the harsh Last Judgment, famine, natural disasters, pestilence.

The Bible describes the end of the world as the approach of times in which everything dark and bad that is in a person will be splashed out.

War as the beginning of the end of the world

The most important omen of the impending doomsday is bloody wars. In the "Gospel of Matthew" Christ says to his disciples: "And nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom." (24: 6). In the event of a nuclear war, the light can literally dim - because of the clouds of ash and dust raised into the atmosphere, the sun's rays will no longer reach the surface of the earth in the same amount, and a nuclear winter awaits people.

Apostle Peter about the Apocalypse

The Apostle Peter gave foresigns of the end of the world, stating that in the "last times" people will cease to think sensibly, turn away from righteous and true teachings. Pride will take possession of mankind, they will become arrogant, proud and lustful. Children will stop honoring their parents, a great many flatterers, slanderers, etc. will appear.

The Epistle to Timothy speaks of the growing unfriendliness throughout the world, intolerance towards dissidents, and the lost love of God. All this, according to the revelations of the apostles, will herald the second coming of Jesus Christ to Earth.

Hand made end of the world

In the modern world overflowing with nuclear and chemical weapons, many people live in constant fear of the end of the world, arranged by the hands of man himself.

There are many scenarios for the end of the world, created through human intervention in natural processes. This is a large-scale ecological disaster, a virus that escaped from the laboratory, and many other options for the end of human civilization.

Unfortunately, the modern picture of the world in many ways resembles the times predicted by the Bible as "the last". Spiritual and cultural impoverishment, idealizing money as the most important value of mankind, bloody wars, natural disasters provoked by the consumer attitude of people to nature and many other negative events require you to stop and think about the future of humanity. If people change their worldview and begin to live according to the commandments of God, they may still have a chance to be saved.

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