How To Send A Letter To Medvedev

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How To Send A Letter To Medvedev
How To Send A Letter To Medvedev

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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev promotes a policy of information openness, which implies that everyone can write him an open letter about the violation of their constitutional rights and wait for a quick and adequate response from the state.

How to send a letter to Medvedev
How to send a letter to Medvedev


Step 1

You can write a letter to Dmitry Medvedev both on his official website and on the Kremlin's website. In accordance with the law, it must be reviewed within three working days. It is clear that the president himself is not able to look through all the letters that come to him; a special team of assistants is engaged in this. However, some requests, especially those containing interesting, touching stories, still reach the head of state.

Step 2

The response to your e-mail will be sent to your actual address, which you must indicate in the questionnaire when filling out the letter form. Thus, if you indicate an incorrect or non-existent address, then the answer will simply not reach you.

Step 3

As for the letter itself, certain requirements are also put forward to it. Firstly, it should not be too long: the maximum allowable volume is 5 thousand characters. Secondly, it should not contain attachments and attachments. If you have photographs or video files, then it is best to send such a letter by regular mail or use the president's pages on social networks.

Step 4

It is allowed to write the next letter no earlier than five minutes after sending the previous one from one IP address. In short, you can write to the president a lot and often, the main thing is to the point. If your letter contains general philosophical discourses about the unjust structure of the universe and a difficult fate without specific complaints and requests for proceedings, without indicating a real violation of your constitutional rights, then, most likely, your message will be ignored.

Step 5

Also, your letter must be deleted if the text is typed only in capital letters, without splitting into sentences, contains obscene language or insults to the government of the Russian Federation. It must be remembered that letters are still read by people who are not devoid of human emotions and compassion. Therefore, if your text evokes sympathy, it will be answered much faster.

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