How To Recover A Russian Passport

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How To Recover A Russian Passport
How To Recover A Russian Passport

Video: How To Recover A Russian Passport

Video: How To Recover A Russian Passport
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Replacing a worn-out or lost passport is sometimes an overwhelming task. But it is quite possible to get a new document painlessly, one has only to appear fully armed at the territorial body of the FMS.

How to recover a Russian passport
How to recover a Russian passport

It is necessary

  • 1. Passport (except in cases of loss / theft)
  • 2. Application for the issue (replacement) of a passport in the form No. 1P;
  • 3. Statement on the loss / theft of the passport;
  • 4. 4 photos 3, 5X4, 5 cm;
  • 5. Coupon notification of registration of an incident report (in case of loss / theft);
  • 6. Receipt of payment of state duty (500 rubles.)
  • Additionally:
  • 1. Birth certificate;
  • 2. Certificate of marriage / divorce;
  • 3. Birth certificates of children;
  • 4. Certificate of registration at the place of residence;
  • 5. Foreign passport;
  • 6. Military ID;
  • 7. Trade union card;
  • 8. Hunting ticket;
  • 9. Labor book;
  • 10. Pension certificate;
  • 11. Driver's license;
  • 12. Certificate of release from places of deprivation of liberty, etc.


Step 1

To restore a lost or stolen passport of the Russian Federation, first of all, contact the internal affairs body of the Russian Federation with a statement about the loss or theft. An employee of the authorities will give you a coupon-notification of registration of an incident report and a certificate temporarily replacing an identity document.

Step 2

The application must be submitted not only in order to have at least some kind of identity with you, but also so that in the future it was possible to challenge any actions of fraudsters who may get your passport.

Step 3

Together with a coupon, a certificate, photographs and a paid receipt, go to the territorial office of the Federal Migration Service at your place of residence, at the place of stay or at the place of contact. The passport and visa service will ask you to write an explanatory note with a detailed description of all the circumstances in which the passport was lost or stolen, as well as an application for a new document.

Step 4

The term for issuing a passport of the Russian Federation to replace the lost one is 2 months if the passport was issued by another department. In practice, this figure may increase, since a request to the FMS body at the place of issue of the previous passport is sent by mail, and until the answer is received, you will not be issued a passport. If the passport was previously issued by the same department of the Federal Migration Service where you apply for a new passport, the issuance period may be 10 days.

Step 5

The loss of your previous passport files can complicate the passport recovery process. In this case, additional documents may be required to establish your identity, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, various certificates and tickets.

Step 6

If the passport is in your hands, but has become unusable (worn out, damaged, etc.), then it must be brought to the passport and visa service. In this case, you will need 2 photos. Notification coupon confirming your submission of a statement of loss / theft is not needed. The term for issuing a new passport depends on whether this or another department of the FMS issued the previous passport, and ranges from 10 days to 2 months.

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